March 21, 2023

Why the Climate Justice March in South Korea could be a game changer for the Environment

By Alice S. Kim Source: Globetrotter On September 24, 2022, more than 30,000 people occupied the main roads of downtown Seoul, South Korea, for the nation’s largest climate justice march. The sheer turnout of people from all walks of life and the participation by a wide range of advocacy groups were a testament to the impact of […]

Aric Sleeper: ‘Public Trust’—A key legal tool to preserve our natural resources

Law professor Mary Wood breaks down how people can protect their right to clean air, water, and land as well as fortify their climate change resiliency. By Aric Sleeper Author Bio: Aric Sleeper is an independent journalist whose work, which covers topics including labor, drug reform, food, and more, has appeared in the San Francisco […]

OECS United in the fight against Climate Change at COP27

OECS Media Release The United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC), or COP27, ended on November 20, 2022, with what has been called historic outcomes. The two-week conference, which took place in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt, brought together over 45,000 participants – including world leaders, delegates, activists, and observers – to address the problem […]

Lesser-known challenges of climate change

From The Drop by OZY LESSER-KNOWN CHALLENGES OF CLIMATE CHANGE With world leaders set to discuss action to tackle climate change at the upcoming UN Climate Summit in Egypt (COP27), in Sharm el-Sheikh from Nov. 6 to 18, The Drop is focusing on the conversation around climate change in a series of newsletters. In this issue, we […]

Why are wild horses brutally uprooted from public lands while private livestock can stay?

The Bureau of Land Management is misleading the American people about the nation’s wild horses and burros. By Ginger Fedak / Independent Media Institute Every year, thousands of wild horses and burros are chased by helicopters and ripped from their native land in terrifyingly brutal, and often deadly, roundups. After capture, they are corralled in […]

How storied artist Mel Chin’s ‘Constant Revolution’ is tackling humanity’s environmental challenges 

For this MacArthur fellow, art is a powerful tool for addressing complex environmental issues. By Rachel Raphaela Gugelberger / Independent Media Institute I began to grasp the breadth of Mel Chin’s work in 2015 when I included his video document “S.O.S. (Straight off the Street) Reloaded” in the first exhibition that I curated for the art organization No […]

Here’s what the Energy Point CEO is saying about Climate Change

An Interview with David Draper on Green Energy and Climate Change, gives insight on how we can best tackle and fight global warming and it’s effects. It is clear that Climate Change is the biggest threat to society, the economy and even humanity as we know it – trumping the threat of nuclear war, disease […]

There’s only one essential role humans have on Earth—A humbler perspective could save the World

While the world’s oceans, nonhuman animals, and plants play starring roles in sustaining our ecosystem, why are we so bent on sabotaging it? By Captain Paul Watson / Independent Media Institute I would like to introduce you to an alternative way of looking at this planet that we live on. We call it planet Earth, […]

‘Climate Change is exacerbating Gender Inequality across the World’: Women and girls at greater risk of Climate Change effects

Women and Girls are more vulnerable to Climate Change Through research and analysis, Energy Point has found direct links between Climate Change and Gender Inequality. It is now clear that women and girls are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change because of the following reasons: Women and girls make up the majority of the global […]

New World Bank Report notes progress but urges greater resilience efforts for Caribbean countries to address effects of Climate Change and other shocks

WASHINGTON, Nov. 8, 2021 –Strengthening government efficiency, empowering households and businesses, and reducing future risks by improving spatial planning and natural coastal protection are some of the key recommendations to boost the Caribbean’s ability to bounce back from shocks according to a new World Bank flagship report.   The report, 360° Resilience: A Guide to Prepare the […]