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Climate Change

Sam Davis: What’s So Green About Burning Trees? The False Promise of Biomass Energy

Bioenergy companies are clear-cutting American forests to heat and electrify Europe. This broken system harms public health, the environment, and the climate.

We Need a Plan for the Transition to Renewable Energy

Radical societal transformation is inevitable; a plan could make a difference between catastrophe and progress

Animal-Free Agriculture Is Key to Restoring Biodiversity

We all have a moral obligation to do the least possible harm to our planet, and that ethos has a name: veganics.

The Inspiring Movement to Build for Climate Resiliency

Architects and everyday people are teaching each other to build spaces for community and climate resilience using local, natural materials.

How California’s Farmers and Ranchers Could Lead the Way to Climate Resilience

BYLINE: April M. Short AUTHOR BIO: April M. Short is an editor, journalist, and documentary editor and producer. She is a co-founder of the Observatory, where she is the Local Peace Economy editor, and she is a writing fellow at the Independent Media Institute. Previously,…

UWI Experts talk Climate Change, Collaboration and Funding at UNFCCC COP 28

he UWI Regional Headquarters, Jamaica W.I. Tuesday, January 16, 2024—The University of the West Indies’ Global Institute for Climate Smart and Resilient Development (GICSRD) led an important side event at the 2023 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference…

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Climate Change and Energy Transition: The 2023 Scorecard

BYLINE: Richard Heinberg and J. David Hughes AUTHOR BIO: Richard Heinberg is a senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute and the author of Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival. He is the co-author, with David Fridley, of Our Renewable Future, and is a contributor to…

Tribute to Sir Hilary Beckles

Outstanding Tribute rendered to Sir Hilary Beckles Editors of the 1150-page festschrift, Professor Verene Shepherd (centre) and Dr. Henderson D. Carter (right), present a copy to Professor Sir Hilary Beckles. The UWI Regional Headquarters, Jamaica W.I. Tuesday, December 19, 2023—In…

CRFM Webinar Recording and Resources | Building Resilience to Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, and Disaster Risk Management in Fisheries & Aquaculture

The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) convened its final webinar for 2023 yesterday, Monday 18 December, on the topic: Building Resilience to Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, and Disaster Risk Management in Fisheries & Aquaculture. We are grateful to everyone who supported this…