November 26, 2020

Scratch card con-man to do 240 hours service

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intro_imagePaul Langford was ordered by Justice Charles Quin on Tuesday (19) to perform 240 hours of community service after he admitted to conning Foster’s Food Fair of over $5,000 on their scratch card Punch ‘N Play competition in August 2010.

Langford used altered scratch cards at three different Foster’s Food Fair locations to try and con the staff in giving him money. He succeeded at two of the stores and obtained $5,000 at one and $100 at another.

Managing Director of the supermarket, Woody Foster, noticed Langford’s photograph at two of the stores on the winners’ board and checked the winning cards against their serial numbers used to verify their claimed prize.

His suspicions that the cards had been forged were confirmed when he questioned Langford who admitted the offences and returned the money.

Langford’s attorney, John Furniss, informed the Court that his client did not create the false cards but admitted he took advantage of them. Furniss said Langford did not know how much he would redeem from his falsified cards and was surprised at the $5,000 large amount.

It was revealed the Defendant had been going through a very bad period in his life, was drinking heavily and was under treatment at the Mental Health Unit of the George Town hospital.

The Judge, in handing down his sentence that included 12 months probation, took into consideration Lankford’s guilty pleas, his cooperation with the authorities and previous good character. Justice Quin also took into account the defendant’s low risk of reoffending, that he had completed secondary education, holds a Microsoft degree, has a history of gainful employment and all monies had been returned. He also noted the very fair and sympathetic approach Mr Woody Foster took to the whole affair.


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