November 25, 2020

Department of Tourism launches Caymankind Phase 2

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Caymankind Departures MuralCaymanians Extend a Warm Welcome at Owen Roberts International Airport

Passengers arriving at Owen Roberts International Airport will be greeted by a stunning life-sized mural courtesy of the Department of Tourism and featuring a host of well-known Caymanians welcoming visitors to our shores.

The mural, which kicks off phase two of the Department’s award winning Caymankind brand campaign, captures elements of the Islands unique appeal – from the friendliness of our people and our rich cultural heritage, to our cosmopolitan style and stunning natural beauty.

Caymankind Arrivals MuralCommenting on the mural, Director of Tourism Shomari Scott stated that “with the success of Caymankind both locally and internationally, we recognised that it was time to take the campaign to the next level. Our research and feedback from focus groups with consumers and key influencers – such as travel agents and wholesale operators – confirmed that one of the main reasons why visitors return to our Islands is because of the warm and friendly welcome they receive from virtually everyone they encounter during their vacation. In line with that feedback, we felt it was important to not only reinforce the warm, safe and welcoming aspects of Caymankind, but to convey these attributes through an overt and tangible connection to our people.”

Departures_FullWindowThe new TV, online and print advertising for Caymankind consequently includes well-known Caymanians’ in a variety of industries within the tourism industry; many of whom visitors are likely to meet as they experience our art, music, dining, diving and culture. Additionally, the campaign has been designed to provide visitors with a 360-degree experience that begins in the US when the advertising is seen for the first time and is reinforced on arrival at the airport, when the mural comes into view and visitors once again see the familiar faces from the advertising spots. The experience then continues as visitors interact with the Islands notably warm and friendly people, and culminates on departure with the view of the same familiar smiling faces bidding farewell.

Expounding on the rationale behind the campaign, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Cline Glidden explained that recognition was a subtle but important factor. “When visitors arrive on Island and see a face that they recognise from the US advertising it helps to evoke a sense of familiarity and of being at home and among friends.”

“With Phase 2 of the Caymankind campaign, the Department of Tourism understood that increasing the number of touch points where Caymankind could come to life within the destination was of vital importance and brainstormed on the most effective ways to reach as many visitors as possible. Since all stay-over visitors must pass through the airport, it was a logical location and the Department leveraged the opportunity to promote the Cayman Islands to visitors at the start of their vacation in this unique and engaging way.” The Minister added that he was delighted with the results and was confident that stay-over visitors, who incidentally visited the Island in record numbers last year, would appreciate the warm welcome and perhaps even to bumping into the characters depicted in the advertising during their stay.

Since its debut on US TV stations back in 2011, Caymankind has received international acclaim by winning the Silver Adrian Award from the Hospitality Sales Marketing Association International (HSMAI) for “repositioning” the destination and introducing national audiences to the unique spirit of the Cayman Islands. The Adrian Awards recognize outstanding achievements in the fields of advertising, public relations and digital marketing within the travel sector, and are voted on by knowledgeable experts from within the industry.

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