July 29, 2021

7 New cases of dengue investigated. 1 new positive case

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dengue-feverFrom the Cayman Islands Public Health Department

Dengue Update as of 16 February 2013

•          Total cases investigated for dengue in 2012 is 94 and 40 for 2013.

•          Since the last update as of 9 February 2013, there had been 7 new cases under investigation for dengue, during the week of 10-16 February 2013. One had a travel history to an endemic area; there were no admissions to the hospital; five were residents of George Town, one from West Bay, and one from Bodden Town.

•          One result was received during this week from an overseas laboratory used by a private physician.   The result was positive for dengue, with the onset on 22 January 2013.

•          The total results received thus far are: 110 cases with results (41 positives, 65 negatives, and 4 inconclusive) with 24 results pending.

Of the 41 confirmed cases, 12 have reported a travel history to endemic countries and 29 had no travel history, suggesting that they acquired the dengue locally.

•          Distribution of all confirmed cases: West Bay 31, George Town 6 and Bodden Town 4.

•          Out of the 12 with travel history: 7 from West Bay; 3 from G. T, and 2 from Bodden Town.

•          Of the 29 without travel history: 24 from West Bay, 3 from George Town and 2 from Bodden Town.

•          Total hospital admissions: 30.


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