July 5, 2020

Progressives to gather Thursday (2) to launch Manifesto Details Plan for the Future


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Feb 11 New PPM leader-picwebGeorge Town – While all General Elections are important, Caymanians hold the future in their hands on May 22. What the Progressives will present on Thursday is their promise to make a change for Cayman – it is their Manifesto. These are the most crucial elections the Cayman Islands have ever faced – the past four years of the UDP Administration has been a failure of epic proportions and period like none the country has ever known and one we can no longer afford.

“The Manifesto we will present [Thu May 2] is a promise to the people of Cayman. We believe the Progressives offer the best hope for the kind of leadership that Cayman needs in these challenging times,” said Hon. Alden McLaughlin, Leader of the Progressives. “The first and foremost challenging task of a new administration is to restore trust and confidence in the government and the Cayman Islands as a whole.”

The Progressives Manifesto is the pledge of the Progressives team that we will work together to bring back pride to Caymanians and residents who love this country. The goals detailed in the Manifesto include a blueprint to:

– Restore confidence in the government

– Stamp out corruption – Rebuild our economy

– Reduce the cost of living

– Provide more opportunities and better lives for all of our people

Please join us on Thursday, May 2, at 7:30pm at the Kirk Home Centre for the launch of the Progressives Manifesto.

In attendance will be the full Progressives team, including Hon. Alden McLaughlin, Hon. Moses Kirkconnell, Hon. Anthony Eden, Hon. Kurt Tibbetts, Marco Archer, Kenneth Bryan, Joseph Hew, Lucille Seymour, Osbourne Bodden, Wayne Panton, Alva Suckoo, Dalkeith Bothwell, Woody DaCosta, Capt. Bryan Ebanks, and Rayburn Farrington.

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