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Ophelia becomes a Cat 3 and Philippe’s centre is recreated

Forecasted path of Ophelia

Ophelia’s eye has become even more distinct.

Her initial intensity has been increased to 100 knots making Ophelia a category 3 hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Ophelia is now the third major hurricane of this season.

There is a strong belief that Ophelia has reached its peak intensity and only small fluctuations are expected within the next few days.

Ophelia should be moving to encounter cold waters resulting in her weakening and should become a post-tropical cyclone as it moves southeast of Newfoundland.

The centre of Tropical Storm Philippe can now clearly be seen, as a number of over night microwave images suggest that the previously estimated centre dissipated. The new centre has been formed farther north and closer to the deep convection.

Philippe is still gaining some latitude as he moves around the southwestern fringe of a mid-level anticyclone. However a new anticyclone is already building further north and should force Philippe on a west-northwestward direction over the next 48 hours.

Go to Crown Weather Services at or to the National Hurricane Centre at for more information on both of these systems.

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