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The world’s smallest fitness gym



The “world’s smallest fitness gym” has been packed into EasyMotionSkin, a sophisticated EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) workout tracksuit for professional athletes and novices. Its integrated patented dry electrodes stimulate up to 90% of the body’s muscles with low-frequency electric pulses, maximising oxygen consumption, boosting performance and conditioning muscles – in short: achieving the best possible training effects. Whether strength, cardio or metabolic sessions in static or dynamic form, an EMS training is up to 18 times more effective than a traditional workout and burns up to 3 times more calories. The medically developed regeneration programmes are the cherry on top of an intensive workout or a hard day.

Thanks to Bluetooth, EasyMotionSkin guarantees full and wireless freedom of movement. Eight different training programmes are easily selected and adjusted as needed, using the iPad or iPhone App and touchscreen. The highly elastic anti-bacterial high-tech fibres ensure a perfect fit, making sure EMS feels like a second skin – on the golf course, during jogging, boxing or a power workout. 

This sophisticated high-tech trademark has been developed in tandem with a leading German heart specialist. It is based on numerous patient studies which all clearly document the beneficial effects of EMS training. 

A huge fan base deems the blue EasyMotionSkin tracksuit their hot favourite – amongst them Luge World Champion Wolfgang Kindl, 5-times World Boxing Champion Christina Hammer, professional golfer Markus Brier, Austria’s Folk-Pop-Rock singer Andreas Gabalier, model Sylvie Meis or actor Ralf Moeller.

The EasyMotionSkin tracksuit is a high-tech quality product made exclusively in Germany. It can be purchased in Europe as well as globally, for example in Russia, Mexico, Iran, Japan, China or the United Arab Emirates. 

EasyMotionSkin® – partner for professionals and all those aspiring to be one: 

EasyMotionSkin offers flexible training systems and business concepts. It opens up new and long-term possibilities to sole proprietorships, personal trainers and fitness studio operators to strengthen their market position and tap into new, attractive target groups. 

Medical background information:

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fritzsche is a heart surgeon and chief physician at the Sana Herzzentrum in Cottbus. He and his team played a key role in developing and advancing EasyMotionSkin. Fritzsche recognised the weaknesses of existing EMS technologies and developed the first wireless internally connected EMS system as part of a project supported by the Federal Ministry of Science. He also patented the first dry electrode, making EMS training possible without additional moisture. During the development period he initiated and supervised more than 2.000 training sessions with cardiac insufficiency patients at the Herzzentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen. Several publications have paid tribute to the astounding results he and his team achieved. The most noteworthy results included a significant increase in the absorption of oxygen and in patients’ strength, an increase in the cardiac ejection fraction, a drop in blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and reduced lower back pain as a secondary effect. Prof. Dr. Dirk Fritzsche and his team, along with other experts who have carried out research into the medical effects of EMS training on patients with a wide range of symptoms, are considered to be the pioneers, inventors and avant-gardists for the wireless EMS technology used in the EasyMotionSkin.


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