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OG Toronto Raptor Acie Earl Releases New Book

OG Toronto Raptor Acie Earl Releases New Book “135 Of The Most Influential HipHop & Rap Songs Of All Time And Why” 

Toronto, ON – OG Toronto Raptor, Acie Earl released his latest book, “135 Of The Most Influential HipHop & Rap Songs Of All Time And Why.”  The book, co-written with good friend Hans Haks is a personal journey for Acie. The former NBA player, author & coach wants readers to take a journey with him, not only for insight into HipHop music but the culture surrounding it.  Acie’s love for the genre’ and its ability to empower began at the age of ten and is something he believes into his core. The songs listed in the book are personal and not a ranking, comprised of new school, old school, west, east, midwest, south and overseas artists.  You be the judge.  Acie and Hans, best friends since college share a deep interest, not just in the music, but the history of the artists and culture that surround the genre’.   What better time to show respect than the 50th Anniversary of HipHop.

“135 Of The Most Influential Hip Hop & Rap Songs Of All Time And Why” is a journey from the heart of Acie Earl.  The former NBA player gave his all every time he hit the hardwood and has brought that same passion to his new book.  Acie continues to find ways to promote basketball and the importance it has in the community.   It’s not just a game.  Acie became an ambassador this year for ’13 Rules Inc.’, founded by OG Raptor Co-Founder,David Strickland. In the 90’s, before the Toronto Raptors, Strickland joined forces with Raptors founder, John Bitove and the NBA, to help bring Basketball to Toronto. Now, Strickland has brought that same creativity and passion to his new company.  Inspired by Canadian American James Naismith, the inventor of Basketball, writer of the original 13 rules of basketball & founded of the University of Kansas Basketball program, Strickland committed to bringing the history of Basketball to life through music, uniting all genres and people.  The goal of 13 Rules Inc. is to bridge the gap between music, basketball & cultures.  Strickland and his crew want to shine the light on the people and moments that have made basketball what it is today.  The recently released single, “13 Rules” a blend of Hip Hop/Pop & R&B performed by Acie Earl, alongside former OG Raptors Tracy Murray and Jimmy King, David Strickland & along with notable Canadian Artists.   begins that journey.   Acie is proud to be a part of that mandate.

13 Rules Inc. congratulates Acie on is latest book. We look forward to continuing collaboration on future Music projects. – Dave Strickland 

“When you have a chance to make a difference by combining the sport you love with the music you love … you take it.”  

                                                                                        Acie Earl

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