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New Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas Videos!

From Royal Caribbean

screenshot To view video click HERE

Royal Caribbean are sharing their two newest Icon of the Seas videos that are now live! First, check out the latest Making an Icon episode, “Creating Central Park.” One of eight neighborhoods on the record-breaking Icon of the Seas is Central Park, a real park and all that comes with it, including more than 33,500 plants. Go behind the scenes as the experts share what it takes to bring to life a park in the middle of the ocean that’s lusher and livelier than ever before. 

We have also launched “Icon of the Seas Construction Highlights and Feats”, The recently completed construction of the first-of-its-kind vacation took place over the course of 900 days in Turku, Finland, starting with the first cut of steel in June 2021. Watch the highlights of the two-plus years of Icon’s construction to see how it all came together.


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