September 19, 2020

“Money Basics for Kids” adapted to the high school curriculum in Grand Cayman.


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A Belizean author is having success with a book she wrote in Belize in another country in the Caribbean.

Sharryn Dawson’s book Money Basics for Kids which was launched in Belize in 2011 – has now been adapted to the high school curriculum in Grand Cayman.

She said business leaders in that island nation saw the lessons as vital.

Belizean television station, 7Newsbelize, spoke to her via telephone from Jamaica where she now heads the Money Basics Office:

“We’ve actually had success in being able to have the material viewed and approved for use in the Cayman Islands, particularly 1st form high school students.

“That initiative came about through the Rotary Club. The vocational director, Mr. Larry Tibet, learned about Money Basics for Kids, through the Belize media in September when we launched.

“Interestingly, as we’ve promoted in Belize, the material was geared for – and is still geared for – younger persons who can read and write. So once you’re above the age of 8, you should have no problem with our material.

“Well, the Department of Education in the Cayman Islands actually had a more advanced point-of-view on that, and they indicated that once you do not have the basics about money, whether you’re in high school, 6th form, or you’re in primary school, this material presents a solid foundation. That’s why they’ve started it in 1st form high school students.”

Dawson is presently in dialogue with educational authorities in Belize and Jamaica to adopt the book into curricula here and there.

She has also launched a magazine called Money Basics.

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