September 25, 2020

2012 Leadership Cayman Graduation


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The 2012 Leadership Cayman (LC) class celebrated their graduation on June 27 at Ristorante Pappagallo with family and friends.  Chamber president David Kirkaldy made welcoming remarks and each graduate was awarded a plaque that spoke to the significance of their accomplishment.

“As a graduate of the programme myself, I can, without a doubt, say, that you will draw on the experiences and learning of the past 6-months many times in your day-to-day life and you will benefit greatly from the relationships you have built along the way.  You are all exceptional people to have given your time to self improvement in the hope of benefiting your community. I applaud every one of you”  David Kirkaldy, President, Chamber of Commerce

The 25 graduates included:
Andrea Bothwell, Facilitator, Learning & Delivery Solutions, CIBC FirstCaribbean
Dr. Annette Stephenson, Owner, Cayman Hearing Center, Ltd.
Cindy Downing, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Active Capital Ltd.
David Bailey, Regional Head of Finance, RBC Wealth Management
Faramarz Romer, Reporting and Compliance Officer, Greenlight Re
Garnet Harrison, Deputy Auditor General & Information Manager, Office of the Auditor General
Gwen Pineau, Compliance Manager, Rawlinson & Hunter
Jeffrey Wight, Manager – Sports, Recreation & Venues, Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd.
Jenni Huys, Vice President, Dart Management Services Ltd.
Johann Moxam,
General Manager/Director, Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust Co. (Cayman) Ltd.
Katie O’Neill, Integrated Communications Manager, Home Gas Ltd.
Kimberly Arch, Human Resources, Cayman Airways Ltd.
Lauren Langlois, Recruitment Coordinator – BBC, Ernst & Young
Lynne Byles, Managing Director, Tower Marketing
Malcolm Ellis, General Manager, Delphi Ltd.
Malcolm Tibbetts, Accounts Officer, Cayman National Bank Ltd.
Nadia Hardie, Manager – Marketing & Business Development, Deloitte
Nancy Kirkaldy-Barnard, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Mourant Ozannes
Odette Samson, Partner, Deloitte
Pam Abbott, Staffing Coordinator, SteppingStones Recruitment Ltd.
Reisan Moiten, Head of Corporate Services, Harney Westwood & Riegels
Richard Scrivens,  Business Development Executive (Insurance), Fidelity Insurance (Cayman) Ltd.
Stacey Ottenbreit, VP – Internal Audit & Risk Management, Dart Enterprises Ltd.
Susie Bodden, Chartered Educational Psychologist
Teritia Peart, Business Manager, Cayman Free Press

In his address to the LC class, Simon Garnett made reference to the growth he observed of the group over the course of the programme.
The way you have bonded as a class and the way you have supported each other along the way has been fantastic to watch. You have all grown – individually and collectively – as a result.
Watching you over the last six months has been an inspiration for me.  Collectively, this class represents the best of Cayman now and yet to come.  I hope you can all be inspired by what you have seen, discussed and been a part of on the Leadership Cayman Programme.” 
Simon Garnett, LC chair 2012

At the close of the evening Chamber CEO, Wil Pineau, expressed thanks to all who made a difference to the delivery of the 2012 LC programme and acknowledged the sponsors without whom the programme would not be possible.

The programme was supported by committee members David Chestnut, SME Sales Engineer, LIME ; Brad Watts, Director of Business Development, Bodden Holdings Ltd.; Sheena Thompson, LC Chair-elect, Regional Head – Operational Risk Caribbean, RBC Wealth Management; Phil Jackson Phil Jackson,  Human Resources, UBS Fund Services ; Martin Ruben, Audit Principal, Office of the Auditor General;  Christina McTaggart , General Manager, National Trust;  Jane van der Bol, Executive Director, Cayman Islands Tourism Association; Shayne Howe, Managing Director, Phoenix Construction;  Natalie Urquhart, Director, The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands; Aubrey Bodden, Policy Officer (Gender Affairs) , Ministry of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing ; Neil Rooney, Managing Partner, Exeter Property Development; Michele Miller, Financial Controller, The Phoenix Group; Sandy Cram, Past LC Chair, Senior Manager, Internal Finance, Rawlinston & Hunter Ltd.; Steve McIntosh, CEO, CML Offshore Recruitment; Tiffany Dixon-Ebanks, Programmes Manager, Chamber of Commerce ; Wil Pineau, CEO, Chamber of Commerce.

Sponsors for the 2012 year were:


Cox Lumber, Greenlight Re, Appleby,  Bodden Holdings, Cayman National Corporation Ltd., CGA Caribbean, CUC Ltd., Dart Enterprises Ltd., Deloitte, SteppingStones Recruitment, British Caymanian Insurance, Cayman Luxury Charters, Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals, CML, Damon Hardie Design, The DaVinci Centre, Mourant Ozannes, Ogier Rawlinson & Hunter, RBC,  Tower Marketing, A.L. Thompson’s, Butterfield Bank, The Brac Reef Resort, Cayman Airways, Cayman Islands Public Library, Services Dine by Design Ltd. Fosters Food Fair Home Gas Ltd. Pizza Hut The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, The Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa.


Seminar Speakers for the 2012 year were:

Jennifer Dilbert, MBE, JP, Information Commissioner; Tammie Chisolm, Editor, Cayman FreePress; Wendy Ledger, Writer, Cayman News Service; David Baines, Commissioner of Police; Lloyd Samson, High-Profile Defense attorney; Nova Hall, Chief Magistrate; Steve McIntosh, CEO, CML; Brent Holt, Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Education, Shirley Wahler, Chief Education Officer, Department of Education; Roy Bodden, President, UCCI; Rolston Anglin, Minister of Education, Training and Employment; Moses Kirkconnell,  Sister Islands MLA; Jonathan Tibbetts, General Manager, Cayman Brac Power and Light; Ventisha Conolly, Head of Arts & Technology, Layman E. Scott Snr. High School; Mr. Ernie Scott, District Commissioner;  Mr. Nick Joseph, Partner, Appleby; Mrs. Sherri Bodden-Cowan, Chairperson, Immigration Review Team; Mr. Arturo Ursua, Honorary Consul for the Philippines;  HE the Governor, Duncan Taylor; Franz Manderson, Deputy Governor; Alastair Swarbrick, Auditor General; Deborah Bodden, Manager, Commissions Secretariat; Hon. Mark Scotland, Minister for Health, Environment, Youth, Sports & Culture; Theresa Pitcairn,  Chairman, Cayman Islands Health Insurance Commission; Hazel Brown, Chief Nursing Officer, Cayman Islands Health Services Authority; Dr. Sook Yin, General and Family Practioner & Founder of Seven Mile Medical Clinic;  Cindy Scotland, Managing Director, CIMA; Don Seymour, Founder and Managing Director of DMS Offshore Investment Services; Dan Scott, Regional Managing Partner, Ernst &Young; Jackie Doak – COO, Director Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd.; Harry Lalli, CITA President; Shomari Scott, Director of Tourism, DOT; Gene Thompson, Director, Thompson Development Ltd.; Ken Hydes, Senior Manager – Special Projects & Camana Bay Town Center; Courtney Platt, Environmentalist/Artist; Dr. Gelia Frederick-van Genderen, Director Water Authority (WA); Alan Jones, Chief Officer, Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands & Agriculture; Gina Ebanks-Petrie, Director Department of Environment; Ms Lorna Bush, Programmes Manager, Cayman National Cultural Foundation; Peggy Leshikar Denton, Director, Cayman Islands National Museum; Natalie Urquhart, Director, The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands; Charisse Morrison, Programmes, Cayman Islands National Archive; Sheree Ebanks, Director, Cayman Arts Festival; Bernie Bush, Festival Director, Pirates Week National Festival.

From political leaders, CEOs and other community heads, LC participants were able to converse frankly about many issues.  Aside from the seminars, LC participants had a class project day to impart a charitable organisation of the group’s choosing.  This year’s project was scheduled at the Frances Bodden Girls Home.

Reflections from the 2012 graduates:

“The programme is truly a catalyst for positive forward movement for both the participants and for the Cayman Islands community. A fantastic experience- thank you once again Chamber of Commerce.” Andrea Bothwell

“The past 6 months have given me increased awareness on the challenges that we face living on a small island; as well as the ways we seek to overcome those challenges.” Dr. Annette Stephenson

“It is encouraging to see that so many others share a passion for tackling these issues, and I hope through our healthy discussions and exchange of ideas we are able to contribute to meaningful solutions.” Cindy Downing

“The people in my class have been some of the most interesting, intelligent and passionate people I have ever met and have made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.” David Bailey

“Leadership Cayman allowed us to understand the myths and facts about our islands and encouraged us to explore both sides of every issue facing Cayman today. Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic experience.”

“Leadership Cayman allowed us to understand the myths and facts about our islands and encouraged us to explore both sides of every issue facing Cayman today. Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic experience.” Faramarz Romer

“I am glad we had a diverse group of individuals within the class as that is what made the programme an incredible experience, which was not only fun, but thought provoking.” Garnet Harrison

“In the words of Jim Rohn ‘The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly’.” Gwen Pineau

“We were given access to in depth information on the various sectors in Cayman and I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from our local experts!”   Jeffrey Wight

“The Leadership Cayman program continues to enhance my sense of belonging to the Cayman community and has provided me with experiences and friendships that I will always cherish.” Jenni Huys

 “Leadership Cayman was about seeing past the headlines & PR and going deeper into the topics by exchanging views, commentary and being a critical thinker.”  Johann Moxam

“Our Leadership Cayman 2012 class has been a tremendously enriching experience for me on many levels. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Bodden Holdings and to the Chamber for enabling me to be a part of this wonderful program.”Katie O’Neill

“Leadership Cayman has strengthened my service & dedication to the life and growth of this community.  I would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to be a part of such an enriching programme and as a proud advocate, wish Leadership Cayman continued success.”  Kimberly Arch

“There are some things money can’t buy…and although we paid to be here, the experiences, knowledge and relationships gained in Leadership Cayman are priceless to me.”  Lauren Langlois

 “Great programme, great topics, great speakers, great experience – but most importantly – great people.”  Lynne Byles

 “Leadership Cayman has given me a series of amazing experiences, insight into the many interlocking challenges we face as a country and a strong sense of community and friendship with my fellow LC team-mates.”  Malcolm Ellis

“I am grateful for the opportunity to participate this year, I found this to be a once in a life time opportunity which I will take with me throughout my life.”  Malcolm Tibbetts

 “To have had the opportunity of talking and quizzing, first hand, respected leaders from both private and public sectors has been a phenomenal experience. I’m sad that the course has come to an end, but hope to remain connected through the alumni .” Nadia Hardie

“This has been a robust and intense programme which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  The challenge will be to leverage the incoming wealth of information and weave that into long-lasting community involvement.”  Nancy Kirkaldy-Barnard

“It has been very inspiring to see a group of people across various sectors come together to discover, discuss and debate issues, making this truly a unique and lasting experience.”  Odette Samson

“My Leadership Cayman experience has been one that I will never forget. It is a fantastic program that I would recommend everyone participates in.”  Pam Abbott

 “My experiences as a student of the 2012 Leadership Cayman Class have exceeded my every expectation. I have been enriched, edified, enlightened and educated during this process.” Reisan Moiten

“One of the key things from Leadership Cayman that struck me was the passion that so many people have in their professional & personal lives for Cayman, & making this country even greater than it is now.” Richard Scrivens

“Leadership Cayman has been both an eye opening and inspiring experience for me. This is a fantastic program and I would like to thank the Chamber, Simon Garnett, and all of my classmates for all of their efforts in making the 2012 Leadership programme such an amazing success. “Stacey Ottenbreit

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Leadership Cayman experience, in particular the opportunity to work alongside such a diverse group of professionals.” Susie Bodden

“Leadership Cayman has been both an eye opening and enjoyable experience. I have not only learned a great deal but have changed my perceptions on many aspects of the Cayman community.”  Teritia Peart


For anyone interested in finding out more information about the Leadership Cayman programme, go to or contact [email protected]


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