July 4, 2020

Let’s Do it in the Caribbean (Positive Tourism News) wins Online Media Award


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fe4bbe81600a40063594e597e00eb05b_MWritten by Nicola Haughton

Atlanta, (May 8, 2013). LetsDoitInTheCaribbean.com (Positive Tourism News), the Jamaican distribution channel and online news media which is uniting the Caribbean as One Marketplace, was the big winner at the recently held African Diaspora World Tourism Awards on April 27, 2013, at the Airport Marriott Hotel in Atlanta, GA

Flame Keepers in MediaAward for Online Publication was conferred on LetsDoitInTheCaribbean.com (Positive Tourism News).  Sharon Parris-Chambers, co-founder and Producer was on hand to receive the award.  Parris-Chambers and her husband Theo Chambers founded Positive Tourism News in 2000 as a way to bring more positive attention to Jamaican tourism and to the wider Caribbean, as an alternative to negative news affecting the region. To further strengthen its impact on focusing on the success of the small island nation, the birthplace of ‘One Love’ and ‘Reggae’ music, the Chambers began the production of “Caribbean Tourism Roundtable,” a weekly Radio feature on Power 106 FM. During its 2 year stint, the husband & wife team won an award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism for the program entitled: “Jamaica’s One Love Message and its Link to World Tourism” inJune 2003.

Kitty Pope, founder and producer of the event stated of the award for Media “The award is for websites and online media that have done much toward promoting black travel, and black cultural and heritage tourism.”

This award has proven that online distribution has become a disruptive innovation in the way people communicate, engage in social networking, market & promote products and services, particularly as it relates to tourism – locally, regionally & internationally.

www.PanaCarib.com,  www.LetsDoItInTheCaribbean.comwww.PositiveTourism.comwww.PRCaribbean.com

About PanaCarib Business Solutions; LetsDoitInTheCaribbean.com, PositiveTourism.com and PRCaribbean.com:

PanaCarib Business Solutions:

PanaCarib Business Solutionsis a Marketing Communications Technology Company. It has competencies in: Internet Marketing: Web Hosting, Web Design, Web Security; Online News Reporting (www.PositiveTourism.com); Public Relations and Health Tourism. Over the last two years, PanaCarib has introduced one of the premier web portals for the Caribbean that is uniting Caribbean countries as one Marketplace, called Lets Do It In The Caribbean.com. www.PanaCarib.com


Let’s Do it in the Caribbean.comis a distribution channel (using the tool of an online directory) that is marketing and promoting Caribbean products and services locally, regionally and internationally. This unique portal is the umbrella for over 50 websites that markets and promotes the Caribbean and the Diaspora.  A complete listing of the various categories can be found at www.LetsDoItInTheCaribbean.com.

Positive Tourism News:

Positive Tourism Newsis an award-winning online news journal which has become the voice of ‘Positive’ Caribbean Tourism news featuring world news, regional, business, travel & heritage pertinent to the Caribbean and the Diaspora.www.positivetourism.com


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