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Laws and Judgments available on Judicial Website

Judicial logoFor the first time there is a readily accessible up-to-date database of all laws and amendments in force in the Cayman Islands.  Adding to this new resource, judgments of the courts, beginning with the Financial Services Division, are also to be made available online.

Speaking on the importance of ready access to laws, the Chief Justice, the Hon. Anthony Smellie, QC, said: “A critical part of maintaining the rule of law is to make it as easy as possible for members of the public to find out what the law is.”

What sets this resource apart from others is that it brings together laws and respective amendments.  Although laws are published when they are passed, the Chief Justice said, it has been very difficult to know whether they have been amended or changed or whether the law is only partially in force.  “This part of our website brings all the laws and the amendments together in one place.”

“I am very grateful to all members of the team who have been involved in this,” the Chief Justice said, noting specially the work of legal researcher for the Government Legal Department, Mrs. Christine Cooke, who compiled the laws.

The online publishing of judgments will gradually expand to cover all parts of the court, with all judgments ultimately placed on the site shortly after being handed down.

“Public access to decisions of the court and of the laws is very important,” said Court Administrator Kevin McCormac, noting that these advances add to a range of information already on the website.  This includes information for jurors and witnesses, for those considering proceedings under the Children Law, and for those making a Small Claim (as an extensive Guide prepared by the Office of the Complaints Commissioner).

“This has all been a big team effort,” said Mr. McCormac.  He credited major contributions to Court Librarian Beverley Speirs, volunteers from various firms under the umbrella of INSOL [International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals] and, particularly, the Brac Informatics technical team, without whom, he said, these advances would not have been possible.

To access, go to, to the main menu, selecting “Laws” or “Judgments.” For Laws, a drop-down menu shows “Laws Adopted” and “Laws-in-Force.” For direct access to laws-in-force, the link is The service is provided free of cost to members of the public, who are, however, required to register through a simple online process.



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