October 27, 2020

Tourism is looking up


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imagesApart from April all air arrivals show an increase over 2012 with the largest gain was in August.. The largest number of visitors by air was in July with nearly 34,000 persons.

Cayman Islands Oct. Tourist Air Arrivals: Summary

Following is a summary table for the Cayman Islands October tourist visitors statistics from the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism:


Oct.        Sept.      Aug.        July         June         May       April

2013     2013     2013        2013     2013         2013     2013


Air Pax.    16,042   10,753   24,544   33,880   31,889   27,304   29,189

YoY%         9.1%     0.7%    15.4%     4.0%       7.4%       8.4%     -2.8%


SOURCE: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

Head of the local tourism association, Jane van der Bol told CITN/Cayman 27 there was a rise in the number of visitors not just to Cayman, but throughout the Caribbean.

Although the United States remains the Caribbean’s largest market, accounting for more than 6% of visitors to the region, there have also been more arrivals from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

And, Tourism Councillor Joey Hew says the country needs to prepare for more tourists visiting these shores.

That’s why extra hotel space should be created, he says and “forecasts show an upswing in both stay over and cruise visitors in the coming months.”



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