August 8, 2020

Demand for cold storage increases amid COVID-19 pandemic


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As hospitals, healthcare centres and laboratories struggle to deal with the growing need for medical treatment, the logistics industry continues to deliver vital resources to the frontline. Due to the widespread and fast-moving impact of COVID-19, medical providers have put out calls for urgent help from other industries.

One of the most needed resources in the fight against coronavirus is additional cold storage facilities. Much of the medication being used to treat the symptoms of the virus and provide lifesaving care requires careful storage and handling. To ensure patient safety and drug efficacy, temperature regulation is vital. By preventing the degradation of medicine, portable medical refrigeration enables healthcare providers to access the resources they need on the frontline. However, effective temperature control isn’t only required in order to treat patients experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or other life-threatening illnesses.

Testing Kit Refrigeration Across The UK

In order to undertake accurate testing, medics need access to freezers, cold rooms and fridges. Keeping samples and swabs chilled or frozen protects their integrity until analysis takes place. Due to this, testing can only be undertaken when failproof refrigeration facilities are available.

With demand for testing at an all-time high, the need for medical refrigeration hire has never been greater. Fortunately, healthcare centres are expanding their facilities by adding portable freezer trailers and mobile cold storage rooms on their sites. Similarly, laboratories and research centres are making use of temporary medical refrigeration facilities as they develop potential vaccines and treatments for COVID-19.

As an integral element of the medical supply chain, mobile refrigeration units and trailers are fast-becoming one of the most sought-after resources in the UK. While the medical industry is receiving priority by the vast majority of suppliers and manufacturers, there are various other sectors which are also relying on portable refrigeration and freezer trailers.

Portable Freezer Trailers Keep Businesses Afloat

Every industry has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s not surprising that many businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water. While some sectors are responding to increased demand, others are immobilised under the current lockdown restrictions and guidelines.

In some cases, sectors are split in terms of how they’re impacted by the outbreak. In the food and beverage industry, for example, supermarkets are increasing their operations to ensure shelves remain stocked, while dairy farmers are experiencing unprecedented losses.

Similarly, the demand for food delivery services has significantly increased in response to lockdown and social distancing measures, while the restaurant division remains unable to operate.

In times of economic boom, companies generate increased revenue by diversifying their brand. Many businesses are using the same technique to overcome the financial impact that COVID-19 is having on their organisation.

Eateries who are unable to open their doors have diversified into delivery-only outlets, for example. Catering firms that once operated within the B2B market are now focusing solely on B2C sales instead. Manufacturers are using increased automation to facilitate their continued operations in line with medical guidance.

While innovative diversification will enable businesses to ride out the storm, it is the logistics industry which represents a vital cog in the infrastructure. No matter how businesses adjust in order to remain operational, they are dependent on secure, reliable logistics to access the materials they need and deliver their products to their newfound customer base.

As major food suppliers are holding more stock and generating higher than average sales, portable industrial freezer facilities are needed on a major scale. In addition to hygienic storage space for non-perishable consumer goods, businesses are using generator-powered freezer trailers to create temperature-controlled storage centres so that they can meet their customers’ needs.

Surprisingly, it isn’t just businesses who are operating at maximum capacity that are actively seeking out additional resources. Companies that have been left with a surplus of stock are also making use of temporary refrigeration trailers in an attempt to minimise waste and reduce financial losses.

Rebuilding the Economy

The Government is under increasing pressure to reveal their proposed exit strategy so that citizens know what the future holds. As yet, however, no formal announcements have been made. For businesses, the uncertainty over operational restrictions, safety and market conditions places additional pressure on organisations that are already feeling the strain.

With lockdown set to remain in place in the UK for the foreseeable future, the demand for reliable logistics services will continue to increase. As firms work around the clock to provide support to critical industries, logistics companies aren’t just enabling us to prepare for the future; they’re helping to create it.

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