September 28, 2020

Crown Acquisitions checks out progress on Sister Islands


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Several months ago Crown World awarded a contract to the leading construction company on the sister islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The purpose of which was to complete the infrastructure on two of our largest sites, Dolphin Estate on Cayman Brac and Lakeside Estate on Little Cayman.

The work has begun in earnest and recently we sent a team over by helicopter to check on the progress and to take some photographs for the plot owners of the respective sites. These photographs have been uploaded onto Crown World Flickr page and can be viewed there.

Whist in the air they also checked on the progress of Bijou Beach Resort, which is our newest site on Grand Cayman. The team of workers have made short work of clearing the foliage and are already getting ready for the roads to be laid.

Crown Acquisitions Worldwide Ltd is a company incorporated and trading in the Cayman Islands. For more on this story and to view the pictures go to:

Crown Acquisitions Worldwide Ltd. is a Worldwide Ltd. is a company incorporated pursuant to the laws of the Cayman Islands having its registered

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