November 27, 2020

Cayman makes #4 in mnn’s 8 of the world’s most spectacular scuba spots

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CaymanIslandTurtle SF Brit flickr8 of the world’s most spectacular scuba spots

From mother nature network (mnn)

Cayman Islands

The clear and warm waters of the Cayman Islands are a haven for divers seeking the perfect place to swim among colorful aquatic life. The most attractive aspect of this spot is the diversity of scuba diving experiences. For serious divers, the headlining site is Bloody Bay Wall, a massive wall with a drop-off that starts only 10 or 20 feet below the surface. Divers can see distinctive wildlife on the upper portions of the wall and in the shallows before the drop-off.

The visibility that divers in Cayman waters enjoy is superior to any other dive site in the region, making it possible for even novice divers in shallower water to see plenty of creatures. The Caymans are home to reefs and shipwrecks. On multiple dives during their stay in this Caribbean paradise, visitors can see lots of different wildlife and experience unique underwater attractions.

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