October 24, 2020

Cayman Islands: Seven cars broken into in West Bay, 17 July


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From RCIPS Wed July 18

Yesterday, Tuesday 17 July, police responded to seven (7) reports of vehicles that were broken into in the district of , of these reports, it appears that property was only stolen in one (1) of the incidents.

Just after 7:20AM yesterday, 17 July, Police were informed of vehicle break-in at a residence on Courtyard Drive in West Bay.  One of the front windows was broken in this vehicle and several pieces of equipment and tools were stolen.  Another report was also received about the same time as the first of a vehicle break-in on in West Bay, where one of the front windows was smashed and the vehicle was ransacked. At this time it does not appear that anything was stolen from this vehicle.

Later that day, just after 2:30PM several vehicles at an apartment complex on , West Bay were also broken into. When officers arrived at the location they discovered that 5 vehicles were broken into with owners from various units on the complex.  The majority of the vehicles had the front visor window broken and were ransacked.  Nothing has been discovered to be stolen at this stage in the investigation.

In the month of June there were 23 reports of vehicle break-ins, and in 13 of these windows had been smashed.  The occurrence of this crime has been increasing this year, with nearly 100 reports to date.


The RCIPS would like to remind the public of the below:

Most importantly, do not leave any valuable items in your vehicle, including phones, purses, cash, other electronics and bags.

If you cannot avoid leaving things in your car, ensure that they are tucked away and not visible to onlookers.

Do not leave spare keys or keys to your residence in your vehicles.

When parking your vehicle during the day, choose a place where it is easy to see from the roadways or residence, and at night, places that are well lit and visible.

If possible, purchase anti-theft devices such as car alarms and anti-breakage film for your windows and windscreens.

Start-up Neighbourhood Watch Programs in your community to work more closely together to prevent crimes in your Neighbourhood.

If you are a victim of a vehicle break in, please inform the police as soon as you have been made aware. This will assist us in recording the times of days that the incidents are taking place and the areas that are being targeted by criminal, for increased patrols and other related operations.

Visit the RCIPS website at www.rcips.ky/community to find out who your is and how to get in contact with them. You will also find more tips on keeping your vehicles safe on the website at http://www.rcips.ky/crime-prevention-securing-vehicles.



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