August 18, 2022

Beauty will save the world: Pavel Belogour holds Miss UniTrader contest final in Shanghai

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The history of beauty contests has its roots in antiquity. In ancient China, even special rules were created for carrying out a unique procedure for choosing a beauty. They came to us in the poetic images of ancient Chinese literature.

That is why it is not surprising that the prominent figure of the financial business Pavel Belogour chose Shanghai for the final of the prestigious beauty contest Miss UniTrader. BMFN ltd founder considers holding such events to be an integral part of his business because a truly successful person should take care not only of his well-being but also help others to express themselves and find their place in life.

The event in Shanghai was attended by more than 4,000 people, among whom were BMFN management, app developers, partners, investors and customers of the company. Mr. Belogour considers the Asian market to be one of the priority vectors for the development of the company. Therefore, he believed it was his duty to hold the competition on the highest level.

It should be noted that Mr. Belogour’s patronage covers a wide range of different activities. He sponsors sports teams, cultural events, intellectual competitions, but on this wonderful evening his attention was focused on the feast of feminine beauty and charm. The qualifying stages of Miss UniTrader contest are held every month, and the final is once a year to identify the best of the best. Pavel Belogour thinks this is a very nice tradition. He also liked the idea of the final in Shanghai very much, because it is a great opportunity to demonstrate Western beauty and fashion to the Eastern world, as well as to establish new business contacts.

The contest from the inside

The contest itself was held in one of the luxurious venues in Shanghai, and 8 beauties who won the qualifying rounds took part in it. They went to the podium three times in different outfits to stun guests with their beauty and allow them to make a winner choice. The culmination of the event was the defile of the girls in Chinese national dresses called Qi-Pao which undoubtedly impressed all the guests of the evening. After the competition, a gala dinner for the major investors was held where they voted for the winner.

Mr. Belogour also made a speech, and then paid attention to all the guests, saying a toast at each table. Other business partners and BMFN Group Managers also joined the toasts. Undoubtedly, such attention to the guests from the top management of the BMFN speaks about the importance of each client, investor and partner for the company.

Each of the attendees expressed genuine admiration for the level of the competition and thanked Pavel Belogour for an unforgettable evening full of pleasant emotions and new acquaintances.

Pleasant impressions and established business contacts in one

The feast of female beauty and grace in Shanghai was undoubtedly a success. The girls fascinated the guests from the very first appearance on the podium and it was impossible to look away from what was happening. There is always a winner in such a competition, but there can be no losers. Pavel Belogour managed to organize an event useful for everyone: the girls showed their beauty to the whole world, the guests received a lot of pleasant impressions and established business contacts, and Pavel once again proved the importance of good deeds in his life and development of BMFN.

In addition to the contest itself, Pavel and his partners made donations to the school and hospital in Shanghai. This gesture once again emphasizes that charity for them is not a way to increase popularity or achieve business goals, it is a way of life. Mr. Belogour has repeatedly stated that he begins every new undertaking in his life by asking whether it will make the world around just a little bit better.

Supporting talents who have all the qualities to achieve great goals, but have no means and opportunities, is a priority for Pavel’s charitable activities. As a person who has achieved great success, he considers it his duty to support such people, because he is aware of how difficult it is to go the way to the top alone at the present time. And who knows, maybe in the near future we will see beauties participating in Miss UniTrader, on the best catwalks of world fashion capitals!

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