July 24, 2021

2015 FILM, FILM, FILM! Red Sky At Night Films, YIM Films & Derek Walcott coming soon!

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Saturday 28 February
4pm – Midnight
F.J. Harquail Cultural Centre

Watch local and international films including
Metro Manila (Frank E. Flowers), Dreadlocks Story (Linda Aïnouche), The Devil You Know (Badir Awe) plus, a selection from the 6th Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase.

Winner of Sundance Audience Award ’13, British Independent Film Award ’13, Hamburg Film Festival Critics Award ’13 and two Amazonas Awards ’13.

Screening: 5PM – 6:54PM (114 MINS), The Studio Theatre
Screening: 10PM – 12midnight (Astro Avenue)
Director: Sean Ellis
Written by: Sean Ellis, Frank E. Flowers
Country: United Kingdom/Phillipines
Genre: Crime Drama (Rated R)
Synopsis: Looking for a better life in Metro Manila, Oscar Ramirez and his family escape their impoverished lives among the rice fields north of the Philippines. Upon arriving, they fall victim to the manipulative ways of city hucksters. Oscar lands a job in an armored truck company. He befriends his senior officer, Ong, who takes Oscar under his wing. Soon, it becomes apparent that Ong has been waiting for someone like Oscar for a long time.
unnamed-2For more information on this film visit www.imdb.com/title/tt1845838/

Screening: 7PM – 8:45PM (83 MINS + 20 MIN Talk), The Studio Theatre
Screening: 8:45PM – 10:08PM, Astronomical Avenue
Director: Linda Aïnouche
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: This is a historical page which exhibits the bonds of survival of African and Indian culture in Jamaica in view of up-front anti-slavery and anti-imperialist struggles! Due to British colonists, Indians and African descendants have met in the plantations and created something absolutely unique and indispensable to express what they had been oppressed by. The film has been shot in 4 countries (India, Jamaica, France and the USA), in 4 languages (Hindi, Jamaican Patois, French and English), with 4 local crews. That has sharpened the director’s flexibility!
unnamed-1Linda Aïnouche will be here to present her film and speak with viewers. For more information on this film visit www.dreadlockstory.com

Screening: 9:45-10:05PM (18MINS),The Studio
Director: Trevor Murphy
Written by: Badir Awe, Trevor Murphy
Country: Cayman Islands
Genre: Crime Drama (Rated R)
Synopsis: A short film from the Cayman Islands. “When a hit-man arrives on an island to kill his target, he doesn’t expect to fall so hard for her.”
For more information on this film visit www.thedevilyouknow.wix.com/hitman

Screening: 6:20PM – 6:30PM, Centre Stage (Harquail Theatre) Director: Martine Chartrand
Date of production: 2011
Length: 10 min.
Genre: Animated film
Synopsis: In Quebec during the early 1930s, young poet Félix Leclerc befriended Frank Randolph Macpherson, a Jamaican born chemical engineer. A jazz fan and a university graduate who worked for a pulp and paper company, Macpherson inspired Leclerc, who wrote a song about the log drives. Leclerc entitled it “MacPherson” in honour of his friend and, through poetry, transformed him into one of those men who dance on logs. Somewhere between documentary and fiction, MacPherson depicts turning points in history and, with great sensitivity, captures in lavish images the deep feelings shared by the Jamaican engineer and one of the poet’s sisters.
20 Years (20 Años)
Screening: 6:30PM – 6:45PM (Harquail Theatre) Director: Barbaro J. Ortiz
Date of production: 2010
Length: 15 min.
Genre: Animated short film
Synopsis: A woman lives grappled to a happy past, but her present is very different. 20 years of indifference and mistreatment has challenged the love of this person. In order to get the attention of her husband, she’ll try even the impossible.
Rumbero by Birth (Rumbero de Nacimiento)
Screening: 7:45PM – 8:10PM (Harquail Theatre) Director: Angel Alderete
Date of production: 2012
Length: 25 min.
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A film on all rumba traditions from generation to generation by Angel Alderete – an award-winning filmmaker and photographer who has photographed over forty documentaries from 1972 to 1982.

Making History
Screening: 6:50PM – 7PM (Astronomical Avenue) Directors: Karen D. McKinnon and Caecilia Tripp.
Date of production: 2008
Length: 10 min.
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: Making History is a short, lyrical film written and directed by Karen D. McKinnon and Caecilia Tripp. The film stars Edouard Glissant, one of the most important Caribbean writers in history who was nominated for a Nobel prize in literature, and Linton Kwesi Johnson, father of ‘dub poetry’. The two passionate poets debate identity politics, particularly how slavery affected modernity in general, and the contemporary Caribbean Diaspora in particular. Glissant and Johnson try to differentiate between European immigrant groups who came to America, and Caribbean immigrant groups who moved to Europe and explore what those differences mean for those who identify as Caribbean.
I have Talent “Jesus Kid” (Tengo Talento “El niño Jesús”)
Screening: 7PM – 7:13PM (Astronomical Avenue)
Director: Eli Jacobs Fantauzzi
Date of production: 2013
Length: 13 min.
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: Julito Padrón is an excellent Cuban musician; a trumpet player teaches us trough Jesus Anduz, a 14 year old boy that Cuban musical richness, as heritage is kept by the new generations.
I’m ‘Son’ to ‘Salsa’ (Yo soy del son a la salsa)
Screening: 7:13PM – 8:43PM (Astronomical Avenue) Director: Rigoberto Lopez
unnamed-3Date of production: 1997
Length: 90 min.
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: Testimony on Cuban popular music from its origins to the present.
Offered for the first time, the history of Caribbean dance music told by its own Protagonists. A film by award-winning director Rigoberto Lopez, the TCFS President.
Purchase tickets from Funky Tangs, Fosters Airport & Strand, CNCF Offices or call 949 5477 for info.

See you all at “Red Sky at Night”!

For young budding film makers – our Young Image Makers Short Film Competition is still open for your unnamed-4entries. 10-17 year olds only! For details on how to register visit www.artscayman.org/young-image-makers

A film by Ida Does at the Harquail Theatre
Email [email protected] for more information.

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