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Understanding Zoonotic Diseases: How Humans Get Sick From Nonhuman Animals

By Vicky Bond Author Bio: Vicky Bond is a veterinary surgeon, animal welfare scientist, and the president of The Humane League, a global nonprofit organization working to end the abuse of animals raised for food through institutional and individual change….

Will the Golden Age for Corporate Shareholders Ever End?

By John P. Ruehl Author Bio: John P. Ruehl is an Australian-American journalist living in Washington, D.C., and a world affairs correspondent for the Independent Media Institute. He is a contributing editor to Strategic Policy and a contributor to several…

Should Harming Mother Earth Be a Crime? The Case for Ecocide

The destruction of nature might one day become a criminal offense adjudicated by the International Criminal Court.

The EU Is Marching Toward an Independent and Integrated Military

The EU’s evolving common defense network is decades in the making, yet remains hindered by its inability to match NATO and apprehension by some member states.

Sam Davis: What’s So Green About Burning Trees? The False Promise of Biomass Energy

Bioenergy companies are clear-cutting American forests to heat and electrify Europe. This broken system harms public health, the environment, and the climate.

The Great Archaeological Discovery of Our Time

An interview with renowned archaeologist Gary M. Feinman on the emergence of a global data set from our past that humanity can use to prosper—and avoid the biggest mistakes.

The Inspiring Movement to Build for Climate Resiliency

Architects and everyday people are teaching each other to build spaces for community and climate resilience using local, natural materials.

Europe’s nearshoring boom

From fDi Intelligence Graph TimeA midweek dose of data on trade, investment and economic development By Alex Irwin-Hunt February 21, 2024 The rise of nearshoring FDI close to Europe Nearshoring, or the movement of production closer to end-consumers, is not…