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Road to Brazil will get tougher

From left to right: Cayman National Team Captain, Ian Lindo; National Team Technical Director, coach Carl Brown; and Marcos Dinco, FIFA Development Officer for CIFA

Cayman Islands National Football team were facing a tough World Cup qualifying match last night with Technical Director Carl Brown admitting things were going to get much tougher.

The home nation went down 1-0 away at Suriname making last night’s clash with El Salvador a must-win match.

Coach Carl Brown said: “I believe the Suriname game brought home the reality of what they are involved in – it’s a very tough tournament and its only going to get tougher.

“I believe that after Suriname, the players themselves will be much better prepared to face the El Salvador team – It was a great experience for them. We have been telling them how tough playing at this level will be.”

Captain of the Cayman Islands National Team, Ian Lindo, said he was planning on telling the team to enjoy themselves during the match.

He added: “We’ve done the hard work…the hard work is over with now, so just enjoy it. Its not every day you get to play in a World Cup qualifying game.”

But he admitted knowing little about the next opponents on their long road to Brazil saying: “Honestly, not much…I think I saw a few games with them in the Gold Cup. Technically they are a good team. They like to move the ball a lot so we have to be ready for that.”

Members of the El Salvador team share a joke the day before they prepare for the match

Mr Brown added: “Technically they are a very sound team. Recently we saw them playing games against the Jamaican team. They are out of Central America and we know what that brings in terms of technical ability.

“We believe this El Salvador team has been improving. We’ve seen them over the last couple of years playing very well. We expect them to be a very tough opponent.

“There are always going to be questions about the selection of teams. The Cayman Islands are very small in terms of numbers and we have to look at the Premier League we’ve got here for selecting our players, and that’s what we’ve been doing over the years.”


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