December 10, 2023

If you receive this IGNORE

We received this in our info iNews Cayman mail box and there has been other similar ones doing the rounds.

You respond at your own peril. Ignore and trash it otherwise you will be in a whole heap of trouble. Look how badly worded and unprofessional the IMPORTANT NOTICE advice is. It almost sounds like a plea:

“Please your information is safe and secure with us”

Yea. Of course it is.


This message is sent automatically by our web mail team. If you are receiving this message it means that your email address is about to be deactivated; this was as a result of a continuous error script code: 505 receiving from this email address and too many of spam emails in your Account. You are kindly please advised to respond to this e-mail within the next 48 Hours with the necessary information below to keep your account active. All entries to be forwarded directly to

Maintenance/Upgrade Team email:[email protected]

First Name: _________________

Last Name: __________________

Phone: ______________________

Username: ___________________

Password: ___________________

Re-Confirm Password: ________

Any Other Web mail Address: __________

Password/Applicable: _________________

Account Deactivation: ____________ (specify yes to deactivate. No to keep


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please your information is safe and secure with us.

WARNING: Failure to reset your email by ignoring this message or inputting

Wrong information will result to deactivation of this email address.


Technical Support Team.

Copyright © 2012 Web mail Account Service. All rights reserved


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