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Gospel is Lorna’s one true voice

Gospel singer, songwriter, and visionary, Lorna Eccleston

Award-winning Gospel singing artist Lorna Eccleston, from George Town, first started singing gospel songs in church at the tender age of eight.

After singing secular reggae music from her native land she returned to gospel after rededicating her life to God, and that’s where she found her true voice.

“I started singing gospel again in 2005 when I entered the Cayman Islands Gospel Festival. That’s when I gained the second place with the single, ‘Warning to Rebellious Nations.’

The idea for that song, which describes God’s judgment, came to Ms. Eccelston in an unusual way:

“My inspiration for ‘Warning to Rebellious Nations’ came from a vision I received from the Lord. I was down in Prospect Drive beside a church walking along the side of the road, when balls of fire were falling from the sky.

“People were running to escape, then the fire started spreading, but I alone escaped the fire, standing right beside the McRuss Shop at Marina Drive,” she said.

Since her success with that song, Ms Eccelston has won many different awards, both for her songs, and for her performances.

“On the fourth of June, I won five different awards from the Cayman National Gospel Award event at the Triple C School.

“I received the award for number one lyrical content, number one single, number one album in the female artist category. I also won their Ambassador’s Award, also in the female category, because I’ve represented the Cayman Islands in different countries as a gospel artist.  I also won the Caribbean Award for number one single and number one album,” Ms.
Eccelston said.

The awards ceremony was organised by the Assemblies of the First Born Church in association with the Old Landmark Promotion from the Bahamas, and the Jesus Man Promotion of Barbados

Explaining why she believes she won the Ambassador’s award, Ms Eccelston said:

“I’ve travelled to many different countries as a gospel artist, such as Barbados, the Bahamas, the USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Acklins Island, and Jamaica.

“One of the greatest events that I have experienced is a flight with the Prime Minister of the Bahamas and some members of Parliament, which was a surprise trip in a private jet.”

Ms Eccelston’s first album, ‘Let God Arise’ contained 18 tracks, 16 of which she wrote herself.

“One song on that album, called ‘Matrimonial,’ I wrote for a friend who was getting married. Another track, ‘Show Love’ is based on how we should show love to each other and live with each other in peace and unity,” she said.

I am working on another album now, called ‘Foreclosure’. It is all about the ‘wrap-up time’ that is happening now, a time for us to wrap up our act and get in tune with God, with prayer and fasting and abiding by his words.

“I’ve done two music videos so far – Free the World and Revival in the East, which are singles.

“My intention is to spread the word of God, winning souls for Christ,” she said.


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