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Guns, robberies, murders

The headline is a teaser advertising the latest action movie. We are shown the trailer.

A young man and a woman are sitting in a car. It is night. They kiss. All is bliss. Soft music plays. The music changes. We see a shadow. The side window of the car shatters and at the same time we see and hear a gun blasting off. Screams from the girl. More shots and camera zooms in on a bloodied body. It is the other passenger. He’s dead. Close up. Full face on gunman before he runs away.

Montage of armed robberies: terrified shop employees as masked robbers brandish guns; a restaurant is held up; diners, obviously tourists on holiday, have their
valuables stolen.

A young man comes out of a house. We see it is the gunman from the first scene. Multiple shots are fired. Horrific close-up of the man as he falls down in a
bloodied heap.

Scene of a Police Commissioner around a table with senior officers. They look puzzled. They hold their heads with worry and frustration. Another scene. It is the legislators of the country. They scream for action. Then we move to a crowded courtroom. A smirking prisoner is in the dock awaiting sentence. The judge, an elderly man, announces his decision. “Not Guilty.” The prisoner smirks even more and there is a howl of shock and dismay from everyone in the courtroom. Police Commissioner is seen on the steps outside of the Court Building. He is giving an interview to the press. He points the finger at the judge shouting with rage that it is a desperate day for justice.

We see police officers being issued with Tasers. They are smiling grimly. Screen shot of a Taser being fired at a man who collapses, writhing onto the floor. The police surround the man and the police fire their Tasers into the air in a triumphant salute.

The trailer ends with a black screen and a huge white question mark in the centre that slowly changes to red before disappearing into a pool of blood. An expressionless voice intones, “Can you guess what happens next? You will be shocked.”

This movie is playing now.


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