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World War Will Soon Happen and Conditions for Help from Allah

Introducing, we are from Gerakan Akhir Jaman assembly, abbreviated as GAZA Assembly [1], an association which aims to convey information to the wider community about developments in the end times based on guidance from Allah ﷻ directly through mubasyirat or true dreams from Allah ﷻ or prophetic news or ru’ya shadiqah, according to what the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ conveyed in many of his hadiths [2].

Allah ﷻ behind the veil and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for the past few years, have often appeared in the dreams of Muslims in various parts of the world. Giving messages in the form of instructions, good news and warnings. The contents include;

  1. The third world war (malhamah kubro) and the end-time riots, which will last for 4 years, will soon occur. With such a large number of deaths, namely around 800 million people in various parts of the world.
  2. Initially almost all countries, especially countries in the Middle East will also be involved. Then in the end, several countries in Asia will also be involved.
  3. There will be more and more natural disasters and other calamities.
  4. No help will come from Allah ﷻ as long as we still behave in shirk.

The Mubasyirat received by many people in various parts of the world, which is filed in the Langit News Library, Ciater Subang [3], has been many proven. 

Our aim is to convey this information, so that society and the country can be better prepared to face it. Regarding this matter, the GAZA Council is willing to explain in detail and directly. 

Thus this letter was delivered. Hopefully it will be useful for the nation, state and all people. Aameen!

                                                              Subang, 9 December 2023

 Prof. Dr. Nandan L, MM., CMA.                                                                                                                                             R. Diki Candra Purnama MM.

GAZA Assembly Advisor                                                                                                                                                       Chairman of the GAZA Assembly


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