June 15, 2021

What to know about MRE Toilet Tissue Paper

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We all know that it is often hard to find organized food facilities in combat zones. Like any other person, service members have to eat to get their portion of energy to fight the enemy.

Considering that there is often no time to cook, the Department of Defense (DOD) had to develop an alternative solution.

Besides the combat zones, areas experiencing enormous natural disasters like flooding and earthquakes experience the same problems. People are often left stranded with nothing to eat, no proper hygiene facilities, and are made to rely on donations.

There is one fundamental need that human beings cannot go without despite their current situation. Human beings must eat and excrete as part of their survival.

MRE is an abbreviation of Meal, Ready to Eat, and was introduced in 1981 to replace the canned food that was too bulky for service members. MRE is supposed to be lighter than the canned food used in the past and comes packed with toilet tissue paper for operational efficiency. So, now that you know what an MRE tissue paper is let us tell you more about its history, uses, and other important information. Learn more about it.

MRE Toilet Tissue Paper History

Before 1981, members of the military had to carry canned food to the combat zone. This strategy was deemed inefficient as it hindered operational efficiency, and the canned food was too bulky. The same applied to the distribution of food to civilians during natural disasters.

There was a need to innovate an alternative solution. In 1981, the MRE was developed, and it featured a compact, lightweight meal that was easier to carry and distribute amongst individuals. One advantage that the MRE had over canned food was that it cut costs almost by 50%. Unlike canned food, which requires refrigeration, MRE was dried and salted, increasing its longevity. MREs were lightweight, allowing service members to carry more rations on foot.

One MRE meal provides about 1200 calories, each having a minimum shelf life of about 5 years. The MRE was indeed an improvement considering that it did not require refrigeration to last long.

The MRE package also featured a lightweight multipurpose tissue paper. Lastly, the MRE toilet tissue paper had multiple uses, among them being maintaining hygiene.

What is an MRE Toilet Tissue Paper?

As the name suggests, MRE toilet tissue paper is a sanitary wipe with multiple uses for service members, primarily after using the bathroom. The MRE toilet tissue paper often came packed together in the MRE meal package.

The toilet tissue paper was made according to the specifications of the Director of Defence (DOD), meaning it had to be lightweight and small to reduce carrying weight for service members on foot. Nowadays, civilians can purchase the MRE toilet tissue separately as a survival kit, camping, and for other uses.

The MRE toilet tissue paper is small and easy to carry in backpacks, tool boxes, purses, car door pockets, and cloth’s pockets.

Uses of an MRE Tissue Toilet Paper

Well, if you are not in the military or a natural disaster scenario, you could still buy and use MRE toilet tissue paper as a civilian. It works great in a variety of scenarios too.

First, the MRE toilet tissue paper can come in handy if you like camping and adventure. It’s lightweight and small packs means that you can stash it into your backpack and barely feel the bulkiness of your bag.

Also, you probably don’t want to have those bulky regular tissue papers in your camping gear, considering the space they take away. The small and light MRE toilet tissue paper might be what you need.

MRE toilet tissue paper is designed for use as a sanitary wipe after you visit the toilet. One pack contains about 50 pieces of wipes. Its minimalist nature means that it is an excellent survival kit during your camping, adventures, and even keeping in your pocket while you are in public.

The MRE TP can also be used as a fire starter while you are in the jungle and struggling to preserve your matchsticks or lighter. It’s not always when we remember to stock up enough lighters when we are going camping. Well, thanks to the MRE TP, you can save up those match sticks that keep on going off when you’re trying to start a fire.

Another use of the MRE tissue paper is to keep it in your car glove box as a wipe. You can use it to wipe your face, sweaty hands, and even wipe the dust off your dashboard. It can also come in handy when you check your engine oil level and need to wipe the deep stick.

Besides these uses, the TP has proved useful in areas struck with natural disasters and for the military as a sanitary wipe. The TP thus helps them maintain moderate hygiene even in such humiliating conditions.

The MRE TP is genuinely a survival kit that is useful beyond its purpose.

Where to buy MRE Toilet Tissue Paper

So, after knowing about the toilet tissue paper, its history, uses, and advantages, you’re probably wondering where you can buy the TPs. You might be wondering where you can buy the MRE meal for your next camping due to its lightweight and longevity.

There are various stores that sell MRE meals and TP on the internet that you can learn more about. For meals, you can select your preferred variety from dried meat, fruits, vegetables, and other salted and dehydrated meals.

These meal packages come packed together with toilet tissue paper at your convenience. These online stores also sell the toilet tissue paper alone if you’re looking to buy only the TP.

Always remember to check what you order online before paying. For example, if you have a meat allergy, it is advisable to check with your nutritionist and find if the MRE dried meat meal is right for your health.

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