September 23, 2021

Dr. Stuart Weiss: COVID-19 Update Friday 8-Jan-2021

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Dr. Stuart Weiss, Intelligent Crowd Solutions – Rapid Test Center of NY 

Rapid Test Center of New York
Dr. Stuart Weiss, FACEP, FAAP, CBCP

January 8, 2021

CoViD-19 News and Information you can trust.Welcome new readers from the Rapid Test Center.

Topics: My math was off, vaccine myth, bad week for CoViD-19 case numbers

My vaccine throughput math

Thank you to everyone who wrote in about my vaccine throughput math. Yes, there were many assumptions made in that calculation and as some of you who are more versed in assembly line production calculations pointed out, there are efficiencies that are gained. The overall picture was considerably better than I had calculated and if we get our act together, we can vaccinate everyone who wants to be vaccinated within a few months. That is very encouraging so we need to get going. I am pleased that the incoming administration will stop holding back 50% of the available vaccine and will use the Defense Production Act to push vaccine companies to make enough vaccine for the second dose. Perhaps we’ll get this right afterall. I’m excited.

My Administrative Assistant’s concern

I was speaking with my admin the other day and she was very worried about something she read on the internet about the vaccine “wrapping” itself around her DNA and altering her forever. That got me thinking that we should review how the messenger RNA vaccine works and why that won’t happen. So here is a short review on how our cells work. We have many cells in our body. Each cell has a nucleus which contains our DNA, the genetic code which makes us who we are. When our cells need to make new proteins, the DNA in the protected nucleus is transcribed into messenger RNA (mRNA) which is then transported out of the nucleus through special pores in the nuclear membrane and into the cell cytoplasm (the cytoplasm is everything inside the cell membrane besides the nucleus). Once in the cell cytoplasm, the mRNA goes to the protein manufacturing part of the cell (the ribosome) and gives instructions on what should be done there. Its really interesting how this whole thing works and it is much more complex than I am describing here. Once the mRNA instructions are given, the mRNA is pretty quickly broken down.

So what do viruses do, you may be asking. A virus injects its own genetic material into our cells and forces our ribosomes to stop making what our mRNA is telling it to make but instead to make complete copies of the virus. These new viruses burst out of our cells and infect other cells to make more new virus. So with viruses, as opposed to bacteria, we create more virus ourselves and viruses could not spread without a nice host, like us. Bacteria, on the other hand, can reproduce on their own given the right conditions.

So this is where the mRNA vaccines like the ones from Pfizer and Moderna get really interesting. The vaccines are little bits of mRNA that get taken into our cells and instruct our ribosomes to make viral spike protein. The vaccine doesn’t give all the instructions to make complete virus copies or we would get sick. It just makes the one spike protein. The vaccine mRNA is degraded pretty quickly but the spike protein is seen by our immune system as foreign and we make antibodies to it and activate t-cells against it. The mRNA can’t get through the nuclear membrane into the nucleus because there is no mechanism to do that. The transport mechanism moves mRNA out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm and not the other way around.So we get all the benefits of an immune response without having to be infected with the actual virus. Its really ingenious and its not new. Scientists have been looking at mRNA vaccines for decades in the fight against flu, Zika, rabies, and CMV.

Its cool technology and these types of vaccines can be built in a lab against new pathogens more quickly than traditional vaccines. Its very exciting.

Post Christmas numbers

This week, we are really seeing the effects of the holiday gatherings and perhaps the B117 variant. A record number of 4,085 American died yesterday from CoVid-19. We’ve now had almost 368,000 deaths, by far the most in the world. Hospitals are overwhelmed in some parts of our country. We should start seeing the effect of New Year’s gatherings in the next two weeks. Remember that cases lag behind exposure by a few weeks and hospitalizations are 3 weeks behind that followed by increased deaths 3-4 weeks after than.

Stay safe, we will all get through this together.

Dr. Stu Weiss
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Coronavirus update for January 8, 2021

World Wide Updates

Canadian prime minister anticipates “tough” days ahead as country considers extended lockdowns
Brazil receives requests for emergency use of two Covid-19 vaccines
Ireland confirms arrival of coronavirus variant
Peru detects first case of Covid-19 variant from the UK
Pfizer vaccine doses can be spaced out up to 6 weeks apart, WHO advisers say
Denmark limits travel from all countries to curb spread of Covid-19
French medical regulator approves Moderna Covid-19 vaccine for rollout
“Major incident” declared in London due to Covid-19’s pressure on hospitals
EU expecting AstraZeneca to submit application for Covid-19 vaccine authorization ‘next week
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson details vaccination program
Moderna Covid-19 vaccine authorized by UK medicines regulator
Swedish parliament votes to allow tougher coronavirus control measures
Spain will face some ‘tough weeks’ warns the health minister
Detainees file lawsuit against South Korean government after Covid-19 outbreak at Seoul prison
EU purchasing 300 million more vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech
Two rheumatoid arthritis drugs can help the sickest Covid-19 patients
Brazil says second Chinese vaccine has 78% efficacy
Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls for ban on Western Covid-19 vaccines
Delhi announces mandatory quarantine for all UK arrivals
Chinese commuters asked to provide Beijing residency proof and negative Covid-19 test
Australia to require international arrivals to present negative Covid-19 test results
Germany reports highest single-day coronavirus death toll 
Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine appears to work against mutation in new variants, study finds
A year after Wuhan, China locks down another city of 11 million people to contain a Covid-19 flare-up
Bhutan records its first Covid-19 death
Japan reports record Covid-19 infections for third straight day
Australia’s Greater Brisbane to go under 3-day lockdown to stop spread of UK Covid-19 strain
UK introduces mandatory Covid-19 testing for all arrivals
Every Israeli citizen over age 16 will be vaccinated by the end of March, PM says
London field hospital to be used amid COVID-19 spikes
World Health Organization okays delaying second vaccine injection by six weeks
France records further 281 deaths
Total Cases Worldwide: 89,184,932
Total Deaths Worldwide: 1,917,993
Total Recovered: 63,878,286

US Updates

White House task force says there could be a fast-spreading “USA variant” of coronavirus
Pfizer declines to say if it can produce vaccine quickly enough to get second doses out on schedule
New York City will start administering vaccine to city workers and elderly starting Monday, mayor says
Biden will get his second vaccine dose on Monday
Rise in Covid-19 deaths in California prompts deployment of temporary morgues
FDA warns new coronavirus mutations can cause false negative Covid-19 test results in some cases
Army and Air Force medical teams arrive to help with California Covid-19 surge
Yeast infection in hospitalized Covid-19 patients may be linked to PPE re-use, CDC study finds
Covid-19 cases in nursing homes reflect community spread, CDC study finds
Georgia governor “not happy” with vaccination rate in the state
Teachers in Chicago who don’t go back to school may not be paid, officials say
Biden will aim to release every available Covid-19 vaccine dose when he takes office, breaking from Trump
Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine makers ‘encouraged’ by study that shows vaccine appears to work against variants
New York City reports a more than 9% Covid-19 positivity rate
Los Angeles County Covid-19 deaths in a day equals city’s homicide deaths in a year, mayor says
Shellfish allergies no reason to skip Covid-19 vaccine, FDA official says 
The NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers will stay in New York City after a player tested positive for Covid-19
US reports more than 4,000 new Covid-19 deaths for first time during the pandemic
More than half of Covid-19 transmission comes from people with no symptoms, study suggests
Investigation launched into luxury Florida nursing home accused of giving vaccines to wealthy donors instead of staff and residents
Total US cases: 22,357,679
Total US deaths: 376,701
Total Recovered: 13,201,452
Total Tested in US: 259,614,820
Total cases in CA: 2,601,342
Total deaths in CA: 28,664
Total cases in TX: 1,916,872
Total deaths in TX: 29,724
Total cases in FL: 1,449,252
Total deaths in FL: 22,675
Total cases in NY: 1,116,929
Total deaths in NY: 39,149
Total cases in IL: 1,017,322
Total deaths in IL: 19,108

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