November 27, 2020

UK: Nine sailors high on cocaine while serving on Navy submarine sacked

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By Harley Tamplin From

The Navy has dismissed nine sailors after they tested positive for cocaine while on duty.

The crew members from HMS Vigilant, one of four submarines to carry the nuclear deterrent Trident, were kicked out after failing compulsory drugs tests.

HMS Vigilant was already at the centre of an alleged sex scandal involving its captain and a female officer.

A spokesman for the Royal Navy said: ‘We do not tolerate drugs misuse by service personnel.

‘Those found to have fallen short of our high standards face being discharged from service.’

The Daily Mail reported that the drug detected by the tests was cocaine.

The newspaper also alleged that the service personnel held drug-fuelled parties while the submarine was docked in the US, and one man had sex with a prostitute in a swimming pool.

Earlier this month, the Navy said it was investigating an alleged affair between two crew members on HMS Vigilant.

They were identified as Commander Stuart Armstrong, 41, and Sub-Lieutenant Rebecca Edwards, 25.

It was also claimed that Sub-Lieutenant Edwards wore the captain’s uniform and gave joke orders to other officers on board.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: ‘We can confirm an investigation is underway, but it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage. ‘Any allegations of wrongdoing are taken very seriously and will be dealt with appropriately.’


Crew members failed the compulsory drugs tests (Picture: Getty)

Commander Stuart Armstrong is alleged to have had an affair with a female colleague (Picture: Getty)

Rebecca Edwards is also at the centre of the allegations (Picture: Enterprise News and Pictures)

Nine crew members have been dismissed from HMS Vigilant (Picture: PA)

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