July 16, 2020

UDP presents their 2013 manifesto


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UDPThe United Democratic Party (UDP) has now unveiled their manifesto that can be downloaded from their website at http://www.udp.ky/images/udpmanifesto2013april26.pdf

It was supposed to have been unveiled at their National Campaign Launch last Thursday (25) but it wasn’t ready in time. But that didn’t seem to worry the 1,000 plus crowd that was present.

Bush made the point that the Cayman Islands needed experience and there was no time for learners and leaving no doubt he was taking aim at the independents running in the May election he called them “lone wolves chanting empty slogans”.

UDP CandidatesHe said he knew what needed to be done and the UDP was the best government the country needed and had to have. He even took another swipe at the United Kingdom saying he would stand up to them “to protect our country”.

The former premier apologised the party’s manifesto wasn’t ready but told his enthusiastic audience that the 28 page document  contained solid strategies and not empty promises.

UDP ManifestoThe following is an excerpt from it:

UDP works…

What we stand for in the 2013 election

We have achieved so much in the last administration and we will continue to build on that over the next four years. We know what needs to be done – we need your mandate to achieve it.

15 things you can rely on the UDP to work for

1.         Continue to be the best stewards of the nation’s finances.

2.         Ensure a fair working wage for all.

3.         Reduce the cost of living.

4.         Act always as the party for the family, for the community, for the church, and for everyone who wants a better life for themselves and those who are important to them.

5.         Work hard, be a government that works for citizens.

6.         Continue to promote the Cayman Islands on the world stage.

7.         Protect the environment for the long term, so future

6          generations can enjoy it.

8.         Continue to grow, improve and diversify our tourism sector.

9.         Work to support and promote businesses big and small.

10.       Continue to invest in infrastructure projects such as the redevelopment and expansion of Owen Roberts Airport, including a new cruise and cargo port facility and a jetty at Cayman Turtle Farm.

11.       Continue to work with the private sector to develop new initiatives to

revitalise George Town.

12.       Continue our efforts on the Education Fund to attract further education

investment in order to provide better opportunities for tertiary education,

life-long learning and other skills based opportunities.

13.       Continue to build educational initiatives to ensure that we have improved

schools with well paid teachers, producing students who are ‘work ready’.

14.       Protect Civil Service jobs for Caymanians already engaged in those positions

while creating an efficient and effective public service.

15.       Promote and protect our financial services industry and establish a

Productivity and Innovation Centre (PIC), Local Industry Upgrading Programme (LIUP), Financial Services Innovation & Research Centre (FSIRC), new manufacturing industries, ‘Cayman Clinical Trial and Research’, ‘Cayman Food Self- Sufficiency Strategy’ and a new ‘Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Agency’.

We will start with a 100-day plan to get Cayman working

We commit to work quickly to deliver results and will immediately instigate a 100-day plan to deliver following key actions:

•          Launch ‘Cayman Works’ a comprehensive job creation program to reduce unemployment by 25% within six months (June to December 2013).

•          Begin the plan for a National Apprentice Scheme, beginning with the hospitality industry.

•          Begin a plan to provide for a Micro-Financing Scheme to provide start-up financing to micro businesses.

•          Free up the Planning log-jam by releasing more ‘Red Cards’ to get the construction industry working again.

•          Begin work on 100  new affordable homes.

•          Assist home owners in a ‘save the mortgage programme’.

•          Begin the process of developing and expanding the Owen Roberts Airport and new cargo and cruise facilities all under the Framework for Fiscal Responsibilty (FFR).

•          Work on the plan to create a national sewerage system.

•          Work on passing a new Trade and Business Law.

•          Work on a truly comprehensive Energy Policy.

•          Begin work on a comprehensive solution to the land fill.

•          Create a community to investigate the possibility of Cayman becoming a medical research jurisdiction.

Continue to build our democratic heritage

The UDP recognises that there has been a significant increase in crime, which is likely correlated to the current level of unemployment. The UDP is committed to addressing this through the creation of ‘Job Ready’ programmes designed to put our people back to work.

The UDP is committed to the continued support of the RCIP but will insist measurable results are readily available for assessment. In particular the UDP intends to set up a Crime Task Force consisting of police, Members of the Legislative Assembly and qualified citizens such as retired police officers to address the rising security concerns of the Islands.

The UDP will work with the RCIP to undertake an investigation to review standards and good governance and take all necessary steps to improve public confidence in our police force and the treatment of staff.

A new UDP Government will operate differently and better

We do not have a monopoly on good ideas. We have learned lessons from our time in office about what works and what doesn’t. One thing we know is that any government must be open and transparent; indeed we introduced the Freedom of Information procedures and FFR. We intend to build on this by introducing a ‘Practice & Process’ period as part of all legislative consultation to ensure new laws achieve their intended effect without unintended consequences.

UDP Code of Conduct

We believe that your elected representatives are accountable to you the people of the Cayman Islands. We have introduced a Code of Conduct that all our candidates have signed publicly and pledged to uphold.

We Work and We commit to:

•          Implement, with immediate effect our 100  day plan, ‘Cayman Works’, our comprehensive employment programme.

•          Create and implement a comprehensive energy policy for Cayman to reduce your utility bills by 20% over the next four years.

•          Expand small business support services and provide access to micro-financing for start-ups.

•          Continue to promote, protect and enhance Cayman’s reputation on the international stage as a top financial, tourism, health care, and knowledge- based jurisdiction.

•          Develop a full master plan, ‘Plan Cayman’, for the long-term development of the Cayman Islands over the next 20 years.

•          We will set-up, with the private sector, a National Productivity Fund to support industry-focused and enterprise-level productivity initiatives, education and training, and innovation.

Health services… For the 21st century

The UDP is committed to the continued upgrade of the delivery of our health services facilities and the provision of policies that promote healthy living and preventative care.

The UDP will carefully manage health care costs and focus our resources on the elderly and those with special needs.

The UDP is committed to reviewing strategies to address these challenges and provide support to the relevant institutions. The UDP is committed to considering strategies to address some of the pressures and resourcing challenges that various government institutions face (especially with respect to staffing).

We will further review the Health Insurance Law to make sure health insurance covers developmental and other behavioral disorders and proven therapeutic interventions.

Cayman works…

We will work to get Cayman working again


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