August 1, 2021

2013 Maples Grassroots Programme Cayman Islands

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Maples Grassroots Flyer::          Introduction:

The Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) and Maples Grassroots Programme is a football development programme based on FIFA’s acclaimed Grassroots Programme, an initiative which targets boys and girls from four to 12 years of age.

The world-renowned Grassroots Programme seeks to encourage as many youngsters as possible to get actively involved in football; it strives to disseminate, share and instill the values of the game.

Play is the best means of learning. Above all, youngsters should have fun.

::          Young Footballers need Freedom to Develop their Skills

CIFA letterwebThe main purpose of the Maples Grassroots Programme is to maximize young players’ development to eventually compete in the CUC Primary Football League (PFL) and CIFA Youth Leagues. Beginner footballers will develop their skills, discipline, basics and fundamentals of the game with a non-competitive approach and the “winning at any cost mentality” taken completely out of the process.

All players will develop their skills, discipline, basics and fundamentals of the game in a “fun and healthy” environment.

There is a tiny line between “pursuing wins going beyond the fairness of the game, pressing young players to achieve victories no matter what they do on the pitch” and “developing a winning attitude.” The latter is the philosophy coaches will teach the young players.

Reg formwebChildren will have the freedom to develop their passion for the game.

::          Understanding the Laws of the Game

Players will receive appropriate instructions and learn the Laws of the Game earlier so when they reach the competition level their coaches will be able to focus on other football-related matters such as tactics, techniques and game strategies.

::   Building Footballers’ History

Players will be evaluated on their progress from a very young age. Their records, statistics and football life data will be kept for future reference. The database will assist coaches, instructors and educators to determine the right strategies to achieve the best performance for each player.

Maples Grassroots Coaches ApplicationYoung players will be given the freedom to develop a passion for the game.

::   Producing better Players

Over the next 10 to 15 years, through this Programme, the Cayman Islands will have better disciplined players on and off the field, improved techniques, better game understanding and players capable of reaching the international or professional level.

::   Training Sessions

A training system based on the FIFA Grassroots Programme’s curriculum will be in place to provide the best teaching techniques in a fun and healthy environment ideal for young players.

There will be two (2) training sessions per week. Refreshments will be provided at all training sessions.

GR 1The basic training session consists of:

. Warm-ups: Always with the ball;

. Technical Part: Fundamentals of the game to be taught are the three techniques’ families – control of the ball (controlled juggling), running with the ball (dribbling) and striking the ball (passing and shooting) – and the ‘special’ techniques – headers, volleys, defensive manoeuvres and goalkeeping techniques;

. Small-sided Games: Players will play games designed to improve their learningexperiences. The games are based on the FIFA Grassroots model with the 4v4, 5v5, 7v7 and 9v9 games concept.

Players will be taught the fundamentals of the game

::   Age Groups

The focus will be on three different age groups:

. Under 6 (players born in 2009, 2008 and 2007)

. Under 8 (players born in 2006 and 2005)

. Under 12 (players born in 2004, 2003 and 2002)

::   Coach/Educator’s Instructions and Requirements

Coaches must participate in the FIFA Grassroots Coaching Course. There they will receive instructions and training to be able to work with young players. The FIFA Grassroots Coaching Course will be provided to all coaches.

New coaches will be recruited for the Programme with the aim of developing new coaches under the FIFA Fair Play Programme.

Coaches will be required to produce monthly reports to the Programme Coordinator. Monthly stipends will be given to the coaches.

Coaches will receive instructions and training to be able to work with the young players.

::   Groups and Teams

Regular football festivals will be organised once per week on Saturdays giving the players a chance to participate in an enjoyable football event.

Players will be grouped by their age and skills.

No medals or trophies will be presented at the football festivals and no goals or scores will be recorded.

::   General Participation

The Maples Grassroots Programme is designed to bring people together in a social setting. Monthly meetings with parents and other participants will be scheduled to review the progress of the Programme.

Everyone will be invited to the festivals.

The majority of participants will be from the primary/elementary schools.

Players will eventually represent their respective schools in the CUC Primary Football League (PFL).

::   Geographic Distribution

The Saturday morning festivals will be rotated throughout the districts, including Cayman Brac. Weekly training sessions will take place two (2) days per week in all districts including Cayman Brac.

There will be six (6) training centres: one (1) in West Bay, two (2) in George Town, one (1) in Bodden Town, one (1) in North Side/East End and one (1) in Cayman Brac.

Transportation from schools to the training centres will be provided in some districts as well as transportation to the Saturday morning festivals.

::   Promotion System

At the end of each year, all participants will be evaluated. When players reach the maximum age limit they will “graduate” to the CIFA Under 13 leagues and be recommended to the respective clubs in their communities/districts.

Younger players who achieve the desired level during the Programme will be recommended to their respective PFL coaches.

Players completing each age level will receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of each year.

Weekly training sessions will take place at centres around the Island including Cayman Brac.

::   Registration Fees

Participants will be charged a CI$75.00 registration fee for the annual sessions (May to July and September to October). Participants will receive two (2) complete uniforms (shirt, shorts and socks) and a pair of shin guards once the required registration fee is paid.

::   Financial Aspects

The budget for the Maples Grassroots Programme will be strictly adhered to and accountability of expenses will be provided on a regular basis or as per the sponsor’s request.

::   Conclusion

The Maples Grassroots Programme will be coordinated and supervised by FIFA Grassroots Instructor Marcos Tinoco.

The Maples Grassroots Programme has been designed to mirror that of the FIFA’s Grassroots Programme in providing an appropriate environment offering the safest conditions to maximize the development of football in the Cayman Islands.


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