November 26, 2020

UCCI Kicks Off Voter Education

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People's Forum 1webThe University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) is kicking off the voter education and empowerment efforts by hosting the first of a two part series called “The People’s Forum- A Dialogue with Voters” on Wednesday, February 20th, 6:30pm at the Sir Vassel Johnson Hall.  Five contenders for the May 2013 election will be engaging in what the University hopes will be a more in depth discussion with the electorate.

“In past election years UCCI has hosted the traditional Candidates Forum, which has both been well attended and well received,” explains Director of Student Services, Mr. Mitch Ebanks.  “Given the magnitude of issues which have surfaced that have been identified as being  of importance to voters, the current political climate, as well as the expected number of contenders at this election, we have modified our format to ensure that we maximize the potential for meaningful dialogue with the voters,” he says.

“By making this a People’s Forum our hope is to get the candidates to engage more with the voters, as opposed to one another as is common in a more traditional debate, and to get down to the substance of the issues” he adds.

The first upcoming forum will focus on corruption, good governance, transparency and accountability.  “As people are already aware, next year’s UCCI Conference will focus on the topic of corruption,” explains Mr. Roy Bodden, President of the University. “What better way to capture this discussion in a very tangible and real way than to have those potential representatives weigh in and let us, the voting public, know where they stand on these rather complex issues?” he asks.

Invitations were sent to all independent candidates who had declared by February 7th, the United Democratic Party (UDP), the People’s Progressive Movement (PPM), as well as all current Ministers. Participants for the upcoming February 20th forum will include independent candidates Mr. Roy McTaggart and Ms. Jacqueline Haynes, PPM representatives Mr. Wayne Panton and Mr. Marco Archer, and UDP representative Mr. Ellio Solomon.  Mr. Ben Meade, Cayman 27 News Director, will moderate the event.

UCCI is working in partnership with Cayman 27 and Radio Cayman to ensure that all voters, including those in the outer districts and the Sister Islands, have access to the information that will be provided at the event. The first hour of the forum will be broadcast live by Cayman 27, and the entire forum, which will last two hours, will be broadcast live on radio by Radio Cayman.

Those who attend the forum will have a chance to ask the candidates questions directly or to submit questions in writing throughout the event.  However, UCCI has already started soliciting questions from its students and the community at large: persons wishing to put forward their questions can do so by emailing  [email protected] or by submitting questions directly on facebook on . Both the email and the facebook option will be open throughout the forum so that those watching/listening from home or the Sister Islands can interact with the candidates as well.

Tune in to Cayman 27 and Radio Cayman 89.9FM on Wednesday, February 20th at 7pm to hear “The People’s Forum” live.  For more information, log on to and click on the forum banner or email [email protected]

University College of the Cayman Islands

UCCI is an institution of higher learning that contributes to the Caymanian society by advancing knowledge and developing creative graduates, and through its cultural, social, economic and environmental activities. “We will admit all students with the potential and passion to learn. We will challenge students intellectually and prepare them for life in the global market place”.

The goals of the University College of the Cayman Islands are:

To provide high quality education in career, liberal arts and transfer programmes;

To encourage the maximum development of student potentials;

To develop the competence of undergraduate students in basic skills;

To prepare students in career programmes to meet the standards and competencies required for employment;

To foster social and political awareness and involvement in the community through academic programmes and extra-curricular activities;

To respond to the varied educational needs of the local community through a broad range of continuing education, career training and community service programmes;

To develop new educational programmes in response to the economic development needs of the community in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Government, the

Chamber of Commerce, and other local associations;

To provide a systematic process of review that assures the realisation of the mission and goals of the University College.

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