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Tropical Disturbance In The Eastern Atlantic Designated Invest 95L Needs To Be Monitored

Rob Lightbown wrote that he is keeping close tabs on a tropical wave, now designated Invest 95L by the National Hurricane Center, that is located in the eastern Atlantic about 500 miles to the southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. Some development of this disturbance is possible this week, however, the global model guidance indicates that development will wait until it is in the Caribbean in 6 to 8 days or so. It looks like that this disturbance will have plenty of moist air to work with and environmental conditions are favorable for development.

“This is a system that definitely will need to be watched closely as a ridge of high pressure will strengthen as Katia pulls to the north and northeast later this week. This would mean that 95L would likely remain on a general westward track right into the Caribbean by the weekend. All of our Crown Weather friends in the Lesser Antilles should keep a close eye on 95L as it may be affecting you in about 6 to 8 days from now.”

Meanwhile Katia, which at the time of printing was a Category 2 hurricane, was slowly making its way to near US East Coast. Model forecasts predict that even though there will be no direct contact with the US mainland, there will be large swells off the coast. These swells are dangerous and can cause large surf and rip currents. People are urged to use extreme caution when going into the water and listen to local weather advisories before doing so.

While these systems pose no immediate threat to the Cayman Islands, they should be monitored carefully. In the Caribbean we have to be very wary when we see forecasts such as the one above. We need to always be prepared. Have your emergency kit ready. Make sure you have your batteries, your car full of gas, and always have extra water in store because you never know what will happen when the weather decides to take a turn for the worse.

Go to Crown Weather Services at and to the National Hurricane Centre at We wish to thank Crown Weather for their permission to use their graphics and information. Please support them.


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