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McKeeva Bush supports female Pastor

McKeeva Bush with Juliana O’Connor-Connolly

Premier of the Cayman Islands, The Honourable Mr. McKeeva Bush, and Deputy Premier, Mrs. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, added their blessings to the appointment of a woman pastor at the Red Bay Church of God (Holiness).

Pastor Anna Joseph’s appointment comes after the decision of the former Pastor, Robert Thompson, Brother Bob, and his wife, Mrs. Cinda Thompson, Sister T’, to return to their native land, the USA in July.

She is the first female Pastor to take the reigns at the Church of God.

Mr. Bush said: “I believe that these Islands need a voice like yours.

“Don’t be frightened, speak what God puts on your heart regardless of the members it might turn off, there are those that it will turn on.

“In these imperfect days, the church needs to stick together.

“What would any country be like had it not been for the strong influence of Sunday school teachers that stood by us and counselled us and prayed for us?

“I feel passionate whenever I hear the church being criticised.

“I feel passionate enough to curse them back.

“The church is our legal guidance, it says so in the manifesto of the United Democratic Party.”

Both Mr. and Mrs. Thompson led the Church of God for 25 years and have developed a strong following and rapport among the residents of these Islands.

Pastor Anna Joseph (left) with Mrs O’Connor-Connolly

The new pastor explained that the shoe previously worn by “Brother Bob” was a hard one to fit into, but asserted that both herself and the former pastor are committed to the same goal of teaching the word of God.

She said: “This is larger than my usual congregation, but it is all blessings.

“These are people I have been working with since 1983 and they do have a mind to work.

“Brother Bob has left some big shoes to fill, but both of us had a very good working relationship, and we all have one God.”

Commenting on the appointment, Deputy Premier, Mrs. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said: “Today’s event is extremely significant to us, because it signifies a new fresh wind of revival which is permeating and filtering to the various social strata of our society.

“This appointment gives us an audacity for hope and present the possibility for our country to be reminded that our God still specialises in times when things seem impossible.

“We welcome the new pastor with much enthusiasm and optimism. Mrs. Anna Gracia Smith Joseph is a great part of the following of God’s plan for my life, and is also a spiritual parent.”

“The entire congregation have expressed their approval of the new pastor and have unanimously voted for her appointment,” assured Mr. Evans.

In an interview with iNews the assistant pastor also said: “I have known Mrs. Anna Gracia Smith Joseph for many years. She has about 49 years of pastoral experience.

Red Bay Church of God (Holiness)

“We have interacted and travelled together on religious assignments. Being around her, I will learn a lot.”

The assistant pastor also explained that the new pastor was formally assigned since July, and that the service was a formality, which accompanies her assignment.

Members of the Legislative Assembly, MLA Ellio Solomon and Captain Eugene Ebanks also attended the official service.

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