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Treasures at Museum

International Museums Day.Still001The week of Monday, 24 June 2013, GIS Spotlight showcases museum treasures, revisits a Bodden Town landmark and takes another look at invaluable training for prison inmates.

Museums bridge past and future through the present. The exhibits offer a tangible history lesson through preservation and reflect the social ethos that shaped living for previous generations.

Join GIS Spotlight to celebrate International Museums Day that uses this year’s theme to link museums, creativity and social change. See how learning can be fun and fun activities can teach. And kids: did you know that 250 bird species are recorded in our tiny Cayman Islands and some feathered friends fly down all the way from the Arctic? Discover more on GIS Spotlight.

International Museums Day.Still003And join us also to experience Looky Ya, the museum’s bi-monthly festival to highlight significant aspects of Caymanian heritage.

On our next two stops, we take you back to see what distinguishes the Mission House in Bodden Town and transport you inside Northward Prison to witness the programme that is helping inmates make positive career choices.

Also check out our newest uploads to the CI Government Facebook page and our YouTube page at CIGovtInfoServices.

International Museums Day.Still004Produced by GIS Marketing and Communications, GIS Spotlight is a government services and solutions programme about issues that concern and affect you. The weekly show airs Mondays on CIGTV on Cable Channel 20 after 7 pm; and on Cayman27 at 8.30 pm on Tuesdays, and 6 pm on Saturdays.

All stories seen in the week’s GIS Spotlight can also be found on the GIS Marketing and Communications website:

Comments and suggestions about the programme are always welcome. Viewers can provide feedback by e-mailing [email protected].

Photo caption: Photos by GIS

The National Museum celebrates International Museum Day.

The children’s exhibit Birdie at the National Museum

Looky Ya spotlights traditional crafts such as thatch making



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