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Tips for handling dogs that eat grass in Sacramento

Eating grass is a common dog behavior. What should you know if your dog is eating grass and you’re worried about its impact on their health?

Many dogs eat grass occasionally, especially when going outside for a bit of playtime. While it’s true that occasional grass eating is really nothing to be concerned about when it comes to dogs, it’s also important to make it as safe as possible for them. If you live in Sacramento and your dog loves chomping on a bit of grass when you go out, here are a few tips to make sure it’s safe.

Check that the grass is untreated

Grass that isn’t chemically treated should be safe for dogs to chomp at a bit, but grass that has pesticides or other chemical sprays may be dangerous for dogs. If you’re going out with your dog and your dog is biting at random outdoor grass, you should check if the grass is treated with any pesticides, potentially by asking anyone who owns parks you frequent. If your dog loves eating grass in your backyard, stick to pet-safe pesticides and weed killers.

Monitor your dog for signs of pica

In general, seeing your dog eat some grass is not a sign of pica, a behavioral disorder categorized by compulsive eating of non-food items. However, very occasionally, pica can present in dogs as a fixation on grass. If this is the case, your dog may reject digestible food in favor of grass, eat huge amounts of grass, or vomit grass very frequently. Any of these signs may indicate pica in your dog, and it may be a good idea to talk to an expert about it.

Keep your dog away from poisonous plants

While grass is generally safe, there are many household and garden plants growing in Sacramento that might harm your dog if they ingest even a bit of it. Some of the most common toxic plants in Sacramento include lilies, English ivy, azaleas, and golden hardhack. Familiarize yourself with how these plants look so you can spot them on your travels and steer your dog clear.

Talk to a veterinarian if you have any major concerns

While eating grass is generally normal and safe for dogs, it can be a problem if your dog is eating lots of grass or throwing up regularly. If you’re ever concerned about your dog eating grass, you can always contact a Sacramento veterinarian to ask any questions you have about your dog’s health. Whether the veterinarian does have questions about your dog’s health or is just able to confirm that your dog is exhibiting normal behavior, talking to a veterinarian can quell your fears if you’re worried about your dog eating grass.

Why dogs eat grass

The truth about dogs eating grass, no matter where they live is that they just enjoy the smell and texture of grass, and for dogs, that means they want to eat a little bit of it. If you live in Sacramento, as long as you keep your dog away from potentially poisonous plants and you pay attention to the warning signs of pica, grass eating should not be a serious problem.


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