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This photo might make you reconsider heading out for a nice, cold Wendy’s Frosty

wendysfrosty2By Mary Beth Quirk The Consumerist

Listen. We understand. Wendy’s makes a delicious Frosty. And if I had my very own machine at home spewing out globs of soft serve, I’d totally slurp it down right from the nozzle. But using the machine at your place of employment — that place being Wendy’s — as your personal, direct-to-mouth Frosty dispenser is gross.

And besides being gross, this image posted on Reddit which purports to show a Wendy’s employee streaming ice cream into his mouth, is definitely a bad idea in terms of the fellow’s future employment with the company.

Which begs the question — didn’t he and other fast food workers learn anything from the Taco Bell shell licking guy? Wendy’s isn’t going to be happy once the big cheeses up in the burger palace catch wind of this.

While the person who posted it writes: “I was going to buy a frosty from Wendys until I saw the employee do this,” Reddit commenters point out — seems like the person taking the photo was behind the counter with the employee, so it’s doubtful he’s an actual paying customer. But still, grody.

Shenanigans and hijinks have their time and their place, but when you’re photographed with your mouth all up in customer’s food, that moment will never be erased once it hits the Internet. And hit the Internet it certainly has.

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