December 2, 2023

The Publisher Speaks:

Joan (Watler) Wilson

I wrote this poem about twenty years ago and I was idly going through my poetry book”Buried Treasures of Cayman” Sunday week when it popped up. It was one I had forgotten about but it startled me when I read it.

It was the day after the funeral of the daughter of my friend Charlene Myles, Shelley, (Jan 22), and feeling so sad. Both Charlene and Shelley were fellow Elmslie choir members and Shelley had been bravely fighting an illness for a long time and the poem I was reading was titled “THE COMPASS”.

The poem was about various stories I was reading in our Islands’ number one news outlet when I was startled to find the mention of both Charlene and Shelley. It was in the birthday list with a photograph of Charlene.

So, I dedicate this poem now to both Shelley and Charlene and I leave it tearfully for all of you to read.


By Joan E. (Watler) Wilson

I opened “The Compass” newspaper today

To read all about what it had to say,

The headlines read “Bill To Allow Telecom Competition”

Along with the International Women’s Day observation.”

Inside was the usual ‘Police Report’

And the Governor receiving the Constitutional Review Report,

Interview with Miss Phoebe was on page 3

At the age of 95 a beautiful picture was there for all to see.

Page 4 our readers write “Too Much Noise on the Beach,”

Miss Olive advised some monies pledged for NCVO never reach.

“Education Is The Key To Success Says Young Caymanian” on page 5

With a guide to scholarships urging them to apply.

Page 6 is about “Working As Community Development Officers”

Benefits to seamen must be registered by C.I. Health Practitioners.

Then on page 10 a picture appears with a familiar face,

I thought it was Shelley which is no disgrace

For mother and daughter are so much alike

You must agree just look at them tonight.

So I say happy birthday to our Charleen Myles

May you live long with your face full of smiles.

Keep singing with the choir we need your soprano

Who knows one of these days you just might go solo.


Shelley RIP

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