December 2, 2023

Olympics Committee neutral on Uyghur abuses

From “Miriam Karmali, Freedom United” [email protected]

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Palihapitiya and the IOC: Not caring and neutrality in the face of injustice
The Beijing Winter Olympics are just one week away. Though pressure is mounting on the International Olympic Committee to denounce human rights abuses, including forced labor, committed against the Uyghur population, the IOC remains silent. Our senior advocacy officer, Krysta Bisnauth, explains why neutrality is not an option. Read more… 
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Prison slavery
U.S. prison slavery: a moment of reckoning
African American history and slavery scholars, Clifford C. Campbell and Kwasi Konadu, explore how the exception clause in the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution paved the way to enslaving millions today. The exception clause allows slavery as punishment for a crime, subjecting incarcerated people to forced labor. Read more… 
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Human trafficking
Number of trafficking survivors in U.K. detention increases
New data shows that the number of trafficking survivors held in immigration detention in the U.K. has increased more than tenfold over the past four years. This is alarming given the harmful effects of indefinite immigration detention on trafficking survivors, increasing their risk of depression and suicide. Read more… 
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Wednesday February 2:


We went live on Instagram this week with Go Overseas, an organization placing volunteers abroad. We spoke about how the tourism sector can be allies to end orphanage trafficking and what still needs to change. Watch our conversation with Brittany Correll now!
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