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The Editor Speaks: Why don’t service companies use texting when it really matters?

Colin WilsonwebWere you, like me, annoyed at the seemingly relentless texting during the elections? My telephone was constantly beeping informing me of every meeting C4C, Progressives and most candidates were having.

Texting is used by LIME and Digicel informing us of every promotion and cheap rates (with conditions) they are offering us.

We can vote (at a cost) for our favourite person, singer, model, etc in competitions via texting.

Reality shows use it all the time.

Text. Text. Text.

However, I have never received a text reminding me to pay my bill today otherwise I will be cut off.

Now that would be a very useful text message.

More so, when the cut off comes precisely at one minute before the closure of the office and you are stuck. You have to wait until the next day for the office to open. You might start your day at 8:00am but the office doesn’t open until 9:00am or 10am.

You are annoyed. Annoyed at yourself for forgetting and annoyed with the company who has performed this terrible exercise in customer relations?

I can only wonder at this pointless exercise and the motive behind it. It is totally senseless. It is spiteful and tells you they don’t care whether you are a customer or not. They don’t care a damn.

It happened to me yesterday (11).  It was my fault. It even cost me a reconnection fee in double figures that took three seconds for the clerk at the desk to do.

Is this the reason service companies don’t use texting when it really matters? I wonder what the profit margin is in reconnection?







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