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The Editor Speaks: When was it decided we needed an accountant?

Colin WilsonwebIt was certainly a surprise for me to receive the news Cayman was to get a FEMALE governor.  Not that there is anything wrong with a female governor. It never entered my head we were going to get one.

After reading Mrs Helen Kilpatrick’s bio and her profile story we ran in Thursday’s (20) iNews Cayman there is another departure from the past script. Mrs Kilpatrick CB is not a Foreign and Commonwealth Office diplomat. She is a qualified accountant with much experience.

When was it decided the Cayman Islands needed an accountant? And an accountant is the chief credential and not that our next governor is a woman.

Was this six months ago when I expect Governor Taylor learnt he was being promoted to become UK’s Ambassador to Mexico?

There is no doubt we need an experienced accountant and London has known this. I welcome this appointment very much.

And judging by what I have found out about our new governor to be, she is not here to sit around, entertain, make speeches, wine and dine at Government House and open buildings, etc.

Mrs. Kilpatrick is here to work.

“I look forward to working in a constructive partnership with the newly elected government to ensure a safe, successful and sustainable future for the Cayman Islands,” she said in the Press Release.

That in itself speaks volumes.

We didn’t need a diplomat and we haven’t got one.

And being a woman in a man’s world means she has got to the top by working hard and kicking some big male bottoms in the process.

It is going to be an interesting three years or possibly more. I am looking forward to it.

Believe me my readers this decision to send us an accountant with a wealth of practical experience was taken many months ago.




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