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The Editor Speaks: Webb makes critics eat their words

Colin WilsonwebIn only just over a year since taking office as CONCACAF’s (Confederation of North Central, Central America and the Caribbean) president, Jeffery Webb, a banker from our own country the Cayman Islands, has made the many critics of his appointment eat their words.

Actually they should be eating them but in fact they have kept silent.

In today’s iNews Cayman we have published two stories on Webb – one that was written just before his appointment when the news broke. The story was typical of many. Not one of the articles had done much background homework on Webb. Their complaint was not that there was anything shady in his background but he was tainted with two things. He was a banker, and even worse, from the dreadful Cayman Islands.

What either of these facts had anything to do with his qualifications as being the right man for the job escapes me.

His appointment was hailed as “Oh no”. Everything negative.

Not one of them asked anybody here about Jeffery Webb. His devotion to pushing football (soccer) as the Cayman Islands main sport. His being involved in football here for thirty years with not one whisper of anything “shady” about him.

If they had asked we would have told them. Webb is a rock. Behind that quiet demeanor is a determination that is unshakeable like a mountain. His words are few but they are all worth listening to.

The second story is from Caribbean Life and praises Webb’s achievements since taking the presidential position. A very well written piece and I must praise the journalist, Patrick Horne, on his writing skills.

On May 26th, 2013 we published a story “Webb’s first year in review at the helm of CONCACAF” at If you haven’t read it please do.

Webb’s year focused on reform and “establishing solid foundations to grow the sport and succeed from the grassroots level to worldwide competitions.”

He has reformed CONCACAF.

“By redefining our destiny, we have set the course that will write a new chapter in our region’s future. Our goal is to bring back the trust and confidence by establishing a process of accountability,” Webb said in London on May23 2013. “It’s ultimately about the passion to play this beautiful game. The real challenge of uniting nations that are in such different places, not only in the development of their game but also in their society grid, is defining an integral regional vision of the future.”

“I’m hopeful to build upon the progress we have already made so far. We are in the right path to deliver the promise of providing opportunities to fulfill our sport’s potential by overcoming obstacles and conquering victories on and off the field.  Despite the challenges, CONCACAF’s passion for football is bringing us together.” concluded Webb.

If Webb’s original critics did eat their words they wouldn’t require a meal for the next twelve months.


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