May 6, 2021

The Editor Speaks: The words “I Love You”

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A Very Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone of you. Peace and much love.

If the whole world had LOVE what a wonderful world it would be. So, why does HATE dominate our headlines when, actually, there is thankfully far more LOVE in the world? If that wasn’t so you wouldn’t be sitting reading this Editorial. The reason is the powers that control our media know that we are more fascinated with hate and horror than the every day stories of love.

Yes we do get the odd story of human kindness. Most of the time that story is saved for the end of the news that is dominated with hate, war, crime, persecution of minorities, etc. It is good to finish on a nice story to make us feel better. But that story did not make the headlines.

So, today our FRONT PAGE story is devoted to the man who dominates our day of love – VALENTINE. Unfortunately, the headline is not one of love:

“St. Valentine beheaded!”

At least I tried.

Chris De Burgh, the English singer and song writer wrote a beautiful song of love that most people will know “The Lady In Red”. He also wrote a lesser known one and I leave you here with the words. I urge you also to download this song on iTunes or any of the other similar sites online. It starts off with a very slow introduction but don’t be fooled by that.

The Words “I Love You”
By Chris De Burgh

There are those who think that love comes with a lifetime guarantee,
But we know from those around us, that this may not always be,
It’s the simple things that come between a father and a son,
But when they try to talk, the knives are out before they have begun;

Well that was me, and I have seen the light that shines for eternity,
Because I learned to say the words “I love you;”

So many hearts have been broken by the lies of history,
And so many arms are still open for that final mystery;
We must show respect for all the rest, and what a man believes,
And the one who died upon the cross, well he is the one for me,

And he said “Come with me and you will see the light that shines
For eternity, be strong and learn to say the words “I love you;”

And this endless road that we are on just keeps on going round,
But there’s one destination that always is here to be found;

So come with me, and you will see the light that shines for eternity,
Be strong and learn to say the words “I love you,”
Be strong and learn to say the words “I love you,” the words “I love you,”
The words “I love you,” the words “I love you.”

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