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Discovery Day and Emancipation Day Both to Take Place in May/Revised list of Cayman Public Holidays

Cabinet has decided that, in addition to the reinstatement of Emancipation Day holiday as the first Monday in May,

Discovery Day will continue to be celebrated on the third Monday of the same month.

Cayman Public Holidays

2024 Calendar

The Cayman Islands Government’s Cabinet recently approved the reinstatement of the Emancipation Day holiday, which will be commemorated on the first Monday in May and replace the Discovery Day public holiday, beginning in 2024. 

The Public Holiday Act 2007 sets out the Sovereign’s official birthday celebration as “The Monday following the Saturday appointed in the United Kingdom as the official birthday of the reigning sovereign”. The confirmation regarding the date of the King’s Birthday public holiday in the Cayman Islands is awaited.

To commemorate the official passage of the Atlantic hurricane season which ends on 30th November,  Cayman Thanksgiving is celebrated on the first Sunday in December.  Whilst not a public holiday, this observance was agreed in Cabinet and is officially recognised as part of the national calendar.

The 2024 public holidays in the Cayman Islands are below:


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