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The Editor speaks: The three birds have finally sung

Following on from my Editorial yesterday “Three Little Birds” re the Cayman Islands Football Association’s seemingly deaf and dumbness to their former President and current VP Bruce Blake’s arrest FINALLY we have a song from them:

Cayman Islands Football Association
Press Release
Monday July 3, 2017
The Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) recently learned of the
arrest of its First Vice President Bruce Blake by the Anti-Corruption
Commission investigators. Based on the statement by Mr. Blake’s
attorney, we understand that the investigation is focused on specific
transactions of the former president and former treasurer. It is understood
that no charges have been brought against Mr. Blake and that the
Association itself is not under investigation.
CIFA recognizes that the presumption of innocent until proven guilty is an
important individual right enshrined in law.
CIFA further reaffirms its policy on good governance and transparency,
whereby any serving executive member, employee or appointee who is
confirmed to be under investigation by a competent authority, or is
arrested, or charged, shall immediately be suspended from all football
related activities on behalf of CIFA and shall not be involved in the day to
day administration of the Company, nor shall be authorized to represent
CIFA in any activity what so ever.
As a result of the foregoing, CIFA hereby wishes to inform its members and
stakeholders that as a provisional measure in the best interests of the
Association, and in keeping with its policies of good governance and
transparency it has temporarily suspended Bruce Blake as an executive
member with immediate effect. During the period of suspension, Mr. Blake
shall not be involved in the day to day administration of the Company, nor
shall be authorized to represent CIFA in any activity, transaction or act
CIFA, which recently received the necessary financial approval for funding
from FIFA to conduct its forensic audit expects that this independent
forensic review and audits will provide the basis for appropriate legal action
in the future aimed at the restitution of funds defrauded from the
CIFA continues to reaffirm its commitment to transparency and

So we now have Blake temporarily suspended and it would appear the second man arrested along with Blake is Canover Watson who is already in jail.

You will note that CIFA says it is understood “that the association itself is not under investigation”.

We will have to wait and see what the forensic audit will uncover and CIFA point out Blake has had no charges brought against him.

So “don’t worry” ,,,,, Let the “Three Little Birds” keep singing. Maybe not so sweetly.


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