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Nine arrests in 3 proactive Cayman Islands police operations to disrupt road offences and other criminal activity, 1-3 July


Nine Arrests in Three Proactive Police Operations to Disrupt Road Offences and Other Criminal Activity, 1-3 July

Throughout the weekend police conducted several operations throughout Grand Cayman to improve road safety, and interrupt and drug and firearm activity.  Altogether, nine people were arrested on various offences in these operations.

On Saturday, 1 June, from 1-9PM, a major road operation took place outside on Bodden Town Road in the vicinity of the intersection with Frank Sound in East End. An annual, large-scale motorbike event was held nearby, which about 150 people attended, and which community members had raised concerns in the past. Eighteen officers from different uniform departments carried out more than 200 motor vehicle checks throughout the afternoon to deter illegal riding on public roads, dangerous driving, and other offences in the area during, before and after this event.  Altogether thirty-five (35) tickets were issued, ten searches were conducted and three people were arrested for traffic offences.

In general, the event itself took place off-road and in an orderly fashion that did not put other road users at risk.

The next day, Sunday, 2 July, police officers, together with Immigration officers, carried out another operation in the Rock Hole area of George Town at an address where several people were reported to have been living illegally (“squatting”) at the premises.

During the operation, three (3) men, ages 53, 63 and 24, and two (2) women ages 24 and 40, were arrested on suspicion of several offenses to include:

–          burglary

–          theft

–          possession of a controlled substance

–          consumption of a controlled substance

–          abstracting electricity

–          handling stolen goods

–          criminal trespass

–          obtaining property by deception

A small amount of drugs and other items were recovered. The 5 have now been bailed pending the progression of the investigation.

Lastly, from 1-9PM yesterday, Monday, 3 July, officers conducted another operation along Rum Point Drive in response to community concerns about ganja smoking and anti-social behavior that was affecting local residents and businesses.  Throughout the afternoon both high-visibility and covert patrols were conducted in the area and along the beach, during which one male, age 17 of Bodden Town, was taken into custody after trying to flee officers.  He was arrested on suspicion of possession of ganja and failing to provide a specimen, and is now on Police Bail.

“Our aim is to disrupt low-level illegal activities even while we address higher-profile crimes, because these also impact the public and can escalate,” said Derek Byrne, Commissioner of Police, “we have received a lot of support from the community for our recent visibility measures, and I am pleased to note an increase in the information received from the public as of late, which is being actioned whenever possible.”


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