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The Editor Speaks: The 13th Apostle plus demons!

Colin WilsonwebThe Editor Speaks: The 13th Apostle plus demons!

This is an unashamed plug for my very last stage play. PLEASE come out and support it.

13th Apostle and the Disciple of Demons is a play with music and dance that attempts to right the bad publicity that Matthias (13th Apostle) and Mary Magdalene (Disciple of Demons) have had from theologians, Popes (not the current one), clergy and singer/songwriters alike for hundreds of years.

If you say the name Mary Magdalene most people will think of her as the prostitute that Jesus saved or even loved and if you believe The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, she had a baby for.

If you find that believable this play should be even more believable as it is uses all the recorded facts and admittedly yes the less inconclusive ones but have more grains of truth than Brown’s nonsense.

And if you ask most people who the 13th Apostle was, the majority will admit they don’t know or say Paul or Stephen. The correct answer is Matthias it is rarely anyone, even pastors get it right. And even the biblical scholars who do get it right or you tell them it was Matthias they will argue that Matthias was not appointed by Jesus and therefore not a true Apostle.

So Mary Magdalene and Matthias have had a bad rap and Colin Wilson has in this play tried to provide the reason why they have gotten this and shown what might have happened from his research.

There is one undeniable fact from the Biblical records. They must have met and known each other and that is the basis of the play. There is a love story and we witness it growing. There is treachery. There are miracles. There is death. There is sadness and there is joy. But above all else there is faith and love.

Mary and Matthias go on a long journey with friends and the play invites you to journey with them whilst the evil Priest Ananias is casting his web of plots to ensnare and destroy them.

Colin Wilson is Cayman Islands most prolific, award winning playwright and his plays have been performed not only here but in the UK. USA and even Australia. He doesn’t stay within one particular genre having written thrillers, a musical (with Chuck & Barrie Quappe), comedies, dramas, historical, and lately spiritual. According to the dramatist this is his best and most researched work. The most rewarding as he has been thinking about this for fifty years!

It is only since his diagnosis for returning cancer that has placed a limit on his life that it has spurred Wilson on to finally put it all down on paper.

He is grateful to have found a great cast to perform his “dream”. The leads are played by two experienced actors, Michael McLaughlin (Matthias) and Fiona Pimentel (Mary Magdalene) ably backed up by Nicholas Grahame (Barsabbas) and famed poet Peter Westin (Simeon).

The whole cast numbers almost thirty with dancers from Dance Unlimited, where the choreographer Jessica Eden teaches. The Producer is Merle McGann. Although Colin Wilson is directing, he is ably assisted by Michael McLaughlin.

Wilson is grateful for St George’s Anglican Church for allowing him to disrupt their hall’s normal use over the last two months and its premier performance and staging. The proceeds for all the performances there will go to the Church’s Men’s Fellowship Group’s outreach projects. Special thanks must also be given to the Cayman Drama Society for providing some special effects and allowing one additional performance at the Prospect Playhouse at no cost. All proceeds for this performance will go to The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Association of the Cayman Islands.

Although all of Wilson’s previous plays must be performed after paying a Royalty Fee, this one is FREE and open to any group who wishes to perform it. This is his very last play and he is giving it away. The play’s message is more important to him and he hopes it will be his dying legacy.

Show times: St Georges Anglican Church Hall (Courts Road off Eastern Av GT) Thu – Sat Oct 22-24 7:30PM. Sun Oct 25 3PM Prospect Playhouse, Red Bay Mon Nov 9 Doors Open 6:30pm

Tickets (St George’s only) Adults $15 Child (12 & under) $5 Student $10 Call 949-5583/916-4594 Special rates for groups of 10 or more.

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