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The Editor Speaks: Someone will be seriously injured or worse

It is not the first time Cayman’s media have reported accidents and near misses involving jet skiers.

Up until now the accidents have not been very serious and most of the near misses reported are only a fraction of the real numbers.

Have we got to wait for a very serious injury and/or a death before really tough action is taken by the police.

Perhaps they could be as vigilant with the actions from the jet ski operators as the are with their crackdown on illegal tint on car windows!

DiveTech’s Joanna Mikutowicz witnessed a too-close for comfort encounter between her diving customers and a jet ski operator last week on Grand Cayman’s West side.

Last April. Off The Wall Divers’ Tom Shropshire also commented over badly-behaved jet ski operators.

On Cayman27 he said, “Those that are renting the jet skis are checking their brain when they rent them to say the least. They are coming in close, they are buzzing, we are giving them the air horn.”

Also speaking on Cayman27 Mikutowicz said, “They come too close to the boat, they drive like crazy people, they come too close to our divers, but the other day was the worst I’ve ever seen it. I literally almost watched one of my customers get struck with the jet ski. I was watching this jet ski bear down on him, not even listening to me shouting or honking my air horn at him, and I realized I almost witnessed somebody get hit by a jet ski, and at those speeds that is not going to end well.”

Mikutowicz’ video was aired on the TV station’s 6 PM News.

And what are the police doing about it?

They have asked dive operators to call 9-1-1 to report jet ski issues.

Big deal.

Mikutowicz’s comment to that:

“It takes about 20 seconds to notice a jet ski is coming directly at your boat, and then they run over your divers, and you don’t even have the call through in 20 seconds, so it’s going to be too late!”

Why on earth aren’t the jet ski operators penalised by the Watersports Associations? Don’t they have to be licensed?

Apparently not. Anyone with a fast boat can pull someone along, mainly visitors to the Islands, with jet skis on.

Cayman27 did obtain a statement from the RCIPS. It was the typical Gobble-de-gook garbage we expect from government bodies. This one deserved an ‘A’ rating:

“We intend to meet with the CITA, Port Authority and the watersports operators to review the requirements and best practices for water safety and safety briefings, in order to ensure that these are conducted in a consistent and effective manner, and that any necessary changes to these requirements can be determined and implemented.”

Try saying that in one breath!

How many jet skiers and operators have been dealt with fully in accordance with the letter of the law who have breached these “requirements and best practices for water safety”?

I think you can guess how many?


  1. Well stated Colin. Up and until recently one wave runner business was operating without the land owner’s permission and without a licence from the fish market endangering the lives of swimmers. Luckily after a vigorous campagne they moved. Actually to the land next door where tourists can use the beach for ten dollars each. The sign by the property describes it as a private beach. Since when may I ask. There are no private beaches in the Cayman Islands in spite of the owner having previous illegally fenced off the property.


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