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The Editor Speaks: No more waving

It is a very sad picture of our times when we no longer can wave at people.

Apparently thousands of people have broken through the tight security and personal freedom net at airports all over the world to welcome the arrival of loved ones by waving at them.

No matter that persons can actually get through all the checkpoints and pat downs with guns and explosives in their pockets waving galleries are a heinous breach in security.

No matter that someone can hop over an airport fence at night and plant a gun or explosives for someone to pick up later, waving galleries are a bigger concern.

You see, people waving can have concealed weapons and they can actually throw it down to someone arriving off a plane in full view of everyone getting off that plane and cause havoc as has never once been recorded. That someone could do a better job by just going up to an airport with a gun or explosives as has been reported is not such a big deal.

Waving galleries are. So now they are banned.

In case it happens.

In order for the Cayman Islands Airports Authority to comply with international security regulations, the waving gallery will have to be closed off said a press release we received today and is published here on our website.

“The waving gallery has been an integral part of the airport for many years and while we are saddened that it will no longer be an area for the public to greet friends and family, we realize this is a necessary step that we must take in order to have a world class airport facility,” said the Cayman Islands Airports Authority’s CEO Albert Anderson.

World class airport facilities mustn’t have waving galleries. It is all part of the promotion to make us safer.

Actually it does the opposite. It makes me very apprehensive and not only never to travel again but never meet anyone at an airport.

When will waving at people in the streets be banned? The person waving could actually have a concealed weapon and give a jumpy police officer to shoot first and ask questions later. He or she has a 90% chance of getting away with the murder anyway. And that goes to 99% if you are of a certain colour.

Please don’t wave anymore it is safer.

If you want to show your grand children what it actually looked like to wave from a waving gallery you have until the end of this holiday season to take photographs.

You will also have to explain how to actually wave and why you would even want to wave at someone.

It made you feel good and the person receiving the wave also felt good and waved and smiled back.

How very sad.

Something else nice we wave goodbye to.


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