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The Editor Speaks: Is it only me who cares?

Colin Wilsonweb2It is over a year since we learnt the Cayman Islands Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) would begin their review of “suspicious accounting” by the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA).

The whole board of CIFA was tainted by their association with the disgraced and proven crooks Jeffrey Webb and Canover Watson. I am not going to go over old ground here. If you are living on another planet and reading these two names for the first time – Google them. You will then be appalled at what you read.

The CIFA board was strongly advised by the Cayman Islands government to all resign otherwise no more funds would be shoveled their way. This was followed by grants being stopped by most of the business community.

In the interests of local football, especially concerning the youth, one would have expected the board to have immediately complied and walked away.

Not a bit. The acting president, Bruce Blake, did, after considerable pressure hand over the reigns to Lee Ramoon, a man he had stopped by a shocking technicality that if challenged in court would have failed, from standing for that post at the Annual General Meeting. At a subsequent Special Meeting Ramoon did get the job and remains in place.

However, all the power still remains with Blake as he has secured a place on the executive board of the overseeing body the Caribbean Football Union and remains on the CIFA board.

Ramoon announced when he was appointed CIFA chairman changes would not be quick. In fact he should have said they wouldn’t happen at all.

With hardly a change in the people running CIFA they are struggling to survive financially. And this is very, very sad for Cayman Islands football.

With straight faces the board said the big chiefs themselves, FIFA, the infamously corrupt body that governs football in the world had sent down their own accountants to do an audit on the CIFA accounts and the “suspicious accounting” discovered by a local auditor.

What these accountants found or what they actually did when they were here remains secret.

And after one year the ACC seems to have done nothing.

This was confirmed on local television on Monday night when CITN/Cayman27 news said “A source close to CIFA tells Cayman the matter is over with as far as CIFA is concerned and says there appears to be no investigation by the ACC that has been served on CIFA.”

The matter is over?


“The source said, asking for anonymity because he is not authorized to publicly speak on the matter, ‘From our perspective, that matter has been concluded.”’

One can go and inspect the CIFA headquarters and look at the football pitch and then realise the infrastructure is full of gold bullion. Then you can make some sense of the CIFA accounts.

Is anyone making waves?

There is a tropical storm passing us the other side of Cuba and that is churning up the sea a bit.

It would seem that as far as CIFA and its future to promote football in these islands no one really cares.

The power to get rid of the executive board rests with the players who put pressure on their club heads, who vote.

It’s simple.

It’s not when no one cares a damn.

I do.

I feel alone.


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